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How to Wash your Hair with Beer Shampoo

How to Wash Hair with Beer


Beer has been bought into use since ages to incorporate into your beauty routine. You can read its usage in countless beauty enhancing methods. It can also be bought in use as a facial mask or as a hair cleansing agent. These days, even shampoos have started coming in beer flavor. Beer is a good combination of B vitamins, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium etc. and thus washing your hair with beer makes them get fortified against hair problems. The exact way to wash your hair with beer goes as follows:-

How to Wash your Hair with Beer Shampoo

How to Wash your Hair with Beer Shampoo

1. Rinse Your Hair with Water First:-

In order to wash your hair with beer, you should first wash them normally. This is done to make them wet and to remove the dirt and other particles. For this step, you have to rinse your hair under a shower and then you have to apply shampoo over them.

2. Now Take Shampoo Over Your Palm and Massage Your Hair with It:-

After allowing a shower of water to fall on your hair, you will just need to take a suitable amount of shampoo over your palm and then you have to massage your hair thoroughly with it in order to generate form. You can also dissolve shampoo in water first and then you can apply the shampoo solution on your hair.

3. Keep It for Five Minutes:-

You have to keep the shampoo applied on your hair for five minutes. The foam will take away all the dust, flakes, dandruff and other particles out from your hair and you will be left with silky and shiny hair when you wash them. It is better if you choose an anti-dandruff daily usage shampoo or a khaadi one as it is not added with harmful chemicals.

4. Rinse the Hair:-

After keeping the shampoo applied on your hair for five minutes, you can rinse them with water. After your hairs get rinsed with water, you can begin the beer application procedure as well. Till then, take out a suitable amount of beer in a mug and keep it aside. Let the most of water be ejected out of your hair till then.

5. Pour up the Beer Mixture:-

Now take the beer mixture that you had kept in the mug aside and work it through on your hair. The hair needs to be massaged thoroughly. You should let the beer be applied from tips to the roots of each and every hair and you can also let it reach your scalp as beer is cool in nature.

6. Rinse with Luke Warm Water:-

Keep the beer mixture applied on your hair for about fifteen minutes. This will make your hair gain all the essential nutrients of beer and then you can rinse your hair with Luke warm water. The water should be Luke warm and not hot at all as else it can damage your hair instead of curing them with the benefits of beer. You can repeat this process every month in order to keep your hair healthy and shining.


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