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How to Walk in High Heels Comfortably

how to walk in high heels so your feet don't hurt


Heel is the part of a sandal/shoe which is prominent at the posterior end of the foot. In case of women sandals, the heel is kept high as a majority of women have an average height. A pair of sandal with high heel also serves to be a way of looking presentable enough for the party and besides this, it makes you look a bit longer and beautiful. When you wear the right kind of sandals, it feels like you can conquer the world. If you are planning to wear a pair of sandals with high heel for the first time for a party, you are sure to experience problem while walking. In order to overcome this walking problem, the following tips can be bought into use:-

how to walk in high heels so your feet don't hurt

How to Walk in High Heels Comfortably

1. Use Cotton if it hurts:-

If you have newly purchased your sandals, they may hurt when you try to wear them for the first time and thus you can wear them by using cotton with the area which hurts. Cotton under your feet won’t make you experience cuts and instead your toe will also stay comfortable inside.

2. All the Foot Down At Once:-

According to Mrs. Sonia Bhardwaj, the best way to put on a sandal with high heels is to put your whole feet down in it at once. When you walk, Put down the heel first on the floor and then make your toes come in contact with the ground. She also acclaimed that every lady puts on her sandals in a separate way which ever feels comfortable to them.

3. Don’t Make Haste:-

We should never make haste while wearing sandals with high heels. The sandals with pencil heel are always prone to get broken even with a slight impediment that you face while walking. Always be cautious when you walk putting on sandals with high heels. If possible, talk with some of your friends about the way they wear their sandals as it will help you to customize your way of wearing them.

4. Take off a Sandal with Broken Heel:-

You should not keep wearing a sandal if its heel gets broken unfortunately. You should not wear it even if one of its bands gets unstitched. It is better to take your sandals off in such a time and to walk bare footed than to walk with broken sandals and to fall off meeting an injury.

5. Be slow enough to avoid a fall:-

Even if your sandal’s heel is not broken, you can still meet a fall if you do not walk in a proper manner. Just be slow enough and ask someone to accompany you if possible. The slower you walk, the easier it gets for you to learn walking while wearing high heel sandals when you wear them for the first time.

6. Avoid Stumbling:-

Some women also report that they experience a stumbling kind of situation sometimes when they try to walk putting on sandals with high heels. Mostly this happens in the case of sandals with pencil heels and thus you should walk very much carefully when you wear one such pair of sandals.


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