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How to Wake up Early in Winter Morning

How to Wake Up Early In Winters


In chilling and a drizzling cold low temperature of winters, we prefer getting clad ourselves in quilts and blankets and to keep on lying on our comfortable bed and a sleep of the entire night seems less when our eyes open finally in the morning and we still keep on lying because of the coldness outside. Winter is a month of laziness and thus we find ourselves unable to wake up early in this month. Here we are describing some easy tips to help you regarding the same.

How to Wake up Early in Winter Morning

How to Wake up Early in Winter Morning

1. Set Multiple Alarms and Reminders:-

First of all, I will advise you to set multiple alarms and reminders on your phone. Suppose you wish to wake-up at 4:15 O’clock in the morning, you should set one alarm at 3:45 O’clock, another at 3:55 O’clock, and another at 4:05 O’clock and another one at 4:15 O’clock. Actually, sometimes in winters, we simply switch off a single alarm in our phone when it interrupts our sleep, but with multiple alarms in our mobile, we get enough time to wake-up hearing multiple snoozed alarms disturbing us in every ten minutes.

2. Will Power:-

Nothing can be achieved in this world without will power. If you are a man of strong determination and will power, you will surely achieve everything in life, but if you don’t have will power, you can’t achieve anything. Simply take a stand that you have to wake-up early and if you can’t do that, you can’t do anything. This will build up a strong kind of determination in your inner self to achieve what you want.

3. Another Alarm a Little Away From You:-

Besides keeping several alarms switched on in your mobile, you can also manage to set another alarm clock at some distance away from the place where you sleep. You can switch off any alarm kept along with your sleeping bed but it takes enough time for you to reach an alarm kept away from you. This makes you wake-up for switching off and your motive gets fulfilled.

4. Take Someone Else’s Help:-

If there is someone else in your house habitual of waking up early in the morning, you can also manage to take his or her help. Simply ask him or her to wake up whenever he or she gets up in the morning and obey their orders when they come to your room finally in the morning to wake you up. That’s it.

5. Be Habitual:-

You should also manage to be habitual of waking early. Suppose one day you woke up in time and the other day you stay asleep till late, the next day you won’t be able to wake-up early as your body gets habitual to keep on lying in the bed. There should be a fixed time of waking up and you should be habitual of it.

6. Impose Penalties on yourself:-

If you can’t manage to wake up early or on time one day, impose a penalty on yourself to wake-up half an hour before, the next day. Keep on increasing the level of penalties with every mistake to keep on sleeping made by you. This increases your chances to wake-up in time for the next day.


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