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How to Use Web Cam on Computer

How to Use Web-Cam on Computer


Webcam or web-camera is a computer attachment that if plugged into a computer set, makes you able to try video calling and to click the pictures to be affixed as the profile picture for several applications. The best usage of web camera is for video calling as it gives you a better interface to chat with your friends in face-to-face mode. If you also wish to use a webcam with your computer, you can adopt this easy step-by-step method to do the same.

How to Use Web Cam on Computer

How to Use Web Cam on Computer

Types of Web Cameras:-

  • Internal Web Camera:- An internal web-camera is just like the one that comes fixed with your smart phone. You will just see a small lens fixed with your desktop’s screen in this case. These are smaller in size as compared to the external web camera.
  • External Web Camera:- The external web camera is a bit large in size as compared to the internal web camera. These web cameras are generally plug and play web camera. You never need to purchase any special software even while installing this type of web camera even while you do it for the first time as the software gets automatically detected and installed.

Method to Use Web-Camera on Computer:-

1. Plug in the webcam:-

You have to attach the web-camera at a perfect place with your computer screen first of all. Now plug in the web-camera wire and let the system install the software if it is a plug and play web-camera.

2. Find the Right Compatible Program:-

If you have an inbuilt web camera with your computer, it must also have a dedicated software program in it to run your webcam. If one such software is not present in your computer, simply find it and install it. If you have purchased a new web camera for yourself, you can also manage to ask the seller for a compatible webcam program.

3. Run the Webcam Program:-

After you run the webcam program, the web camera will start functioning. If you still feel doubtful, you may also try reaching the windows compatibility center for this purpose.

4. Try Finding the Device:-

Reaching the control panel of your computer, you will easily find a dedicated section for the attached devices. This is the same section that you have to use now. Try finding your device in this section to configure it with your computer.

5. Try Using Some Webcam Enabled Application:-

In order to test if the web-camera is working or not, simply try using some web camera enabled program in your computer now. When you open the applications like Skype, it displays you with an option to change your profile picture by clicking it through a web camera. Try using web camera to click your profile picture with it and you will be able to test if your web camera works or not.

6. Troubleshoot If Some Problem Persists:-

If despite of all these efforts your web-camera shows any problem with connectivity, you will simply have to click the troubleshooting options and you will get sorted.


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