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How to Use uTorrent In Android And PC

How to Use uTorrent In Android And PC


uTorrent is a freeware software that is owned by the BitTorrent, Inc. with over 100 million users . It can be used to download movies etc. in a very high quality and in a speedy way. The software is available on smart phone as well as computer devices and can be downloaded with a working internet connection. This highly functional Bit-Torrent client with a very small memory footprint is really a must for every user and can be used to download high quality music as well as videos on your device.

How to Use uTorrent In Android And PC

How to Use uTorrent In Android And PC

1. Download utorrent:-

The website to download µTorrent”. You can manage to download the software on your computer system by copying and pasting the URL in the URL bar and then clicking on ENTER button to get the website opened. The website will give you the most appropriate version of uTorrent that you can download and install in your system. If you are using a smart phone device, You can even find the application for uTorrent on Playstore as well.

2. Install utorrent:-

If you are using a smart phone device, the application will get automatically installed in your device. If you take it via Bluetooth, you simply need to click on the application after opening up the folder where it is saved and then click the “Install” option. The application will get installed in your gadget. If you have downloaded the µTorrent application on your computer set, You simply need to go to the setup wizard, agree to the terms and conditions and then click the next button. The application will get installed on your system.

3. Further Usage After The Software Is Run:-

After the software gets installed, You need to run it and perform, a speed test that you can do by simply going to the options, clicking the setup, and clicking on the perform speed test option. The test will tell you the connection speed and make you aware about it. If you wish you can make the requisite changes in the pre provided speed icon where the speed is specified and change it to your current speed. You can choose to enable encryption if you wish and you can even choose to set up the folder to save the downloaded files.

4. Using The Torrent Search Field:-

When you open up and run the application, You will get a search field at the top view of your application. You can search up the torrents by writing the search keyword for a specific torrent in this search field and then the application will show you up the results. You can choose to download anything ranging from movie songs to videos and complete movies using this application now.

5. Precautions While Using The µtorrent Software:-

If you are planning to download some compressed or zipped file, You can get an add-on WinRar to do so. This helps you to retrieve the compressed files and make the large files to a smaller and less bulky version. Avoid fake files by checking out the comments and make smart usage of the software you have.


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