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How to Use Prega News for Pregnancy Test

How to Use Prega News for Pregnancy Test


Prega news is a one step Urine HCG Pregnancy Test that enables you to know if you are pregnant or not. You simply get the results in almost 5 minutes and you come to know if you are pregnant or not. Gone are the days when you had to run to the doctor with sweat on your face to inquire him if you are pregnant. You simply have to get the prega news kit and you are sorted.

How to Use Prega News for Pregnancy Test

How to Use Prega News for Pregnancy Test

1. Contents In The Prega News Kit:-

Prega News kit contains a card that enables you to detect if you are pregnant or not easily, one dropper that allows you to collect the drops of your urine that will later help you with the test and some silica granules. The property of silica granules is that they have the property to absorb moisture and do not let your kit to be spoilt because of it.

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2. Benefits of Prega News:-

Sometimes it is that you are not able to get out of your house to reach the doctor or it is that you feel it impossible for you to tell it to anybody and you want to check it yourself first. Prega news is the best substitute for these situations and all you need to do is to just go to a pharmacy store and get this kit for you and you are sorted, just follow up the instructions.

3. Procedure of Using Prega News:-

In order to use the prega news kit, you just need to take its contents out and take some drops of your urine using the dropper sucking the drops with it. The next step follows three drops of this collected urine to the pregnancy tester card and wait for 5 minutes. It is as simple as mentioned by me. When the period of 5 minutes gets over, you get the result within your hands.

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4. How To Determine The Result:-

When the period of waiting for 5 minutes is over, you have to carefully look at the pregnancy detector card. If one pink line appears, the result is negative and if two pink lines appear, the result is positive. If one dark pink and one light pink line appear in the card, you need to repeat the test again after 2-3 days in the morning as this might be the result of less amount of HGC hormone in your urine. If you still feel unsatisfied, you can now go and consult to the doctor. If there is till a doubt left, you can make a call to the toll free number 1800-1034-400 and talk directly to prega news department.

5. Tips For Usage:-

First of all, I will advice you to check for the expiry date before making a purchase of your prega news kit and the second thing is to follow everything strictly as mentioned in the instructions written on the package. Even if the tests come negative, you should still confirm the tests again within a week’s time so as to avoid any adverse circumstances with you being pregnant or not.

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