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How to Use Male and Female Condom Correctly

How to Use Male and Female Condom Correctly


Condom is a birth type rubber sheath barrier that is used by the humans over their private parts during a sexual intercourse to avoid the possibility of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections such as HIV or AIDS. There are separate condoms for both, men and women these days in the market and male condoms are worn externally while female condoms are worn internally, but the usage of both is known just to a few and thus here we are explaining some of the ways to wear this barrier in proper manner.

How to Use Male and Female Condoms

How to Use Male and Female Condoms

1. Look For A Suitable Type:-

First of all, let me tell you, there are many types of condoms available in Markets these days. You can go for a bubble gum flavored condom or a strawberry one or you can even go for the extra time condoms that give you extra time while going for a sexual intercourse.

2. Wearing A Male Condom:-

Males have to wear their condom on their penis and it is worn externally unlike females who have to wear it internally. Open the condom wrapper and take the condom out, roll the condom with its ring in one direction with your fingers and keep a slight part of its tail unrolled, put that tail on your penis covering it and wear it on your penis unrolling it gently. Now when you have wore your condom, you are ready or a sexual intercourse.

3. Inserting A Female Condom:-

As I told you earlier, the female condom is worn internally and you have thus to insert it, so first of all you have to put the lubricant on the outside of the closed side and then find a position for yourself that keeps you comfortable while doing so. If you are using an English toilet that has got a seat on it, you can stand with one foot on it and then follow the procedure or you may even simply lie down on the bathroom floor and do so. Now you just need to press the sides of the inner ring at the closed end of it and insert it to your vagina pushing the inner ring into it making it reach your cervix and let the outer ring hang out of your vagina.

4. Removing A Condom:-

While trying to remove a female condom, you just need to press and twist the outer ring of condom to keep semen holded inside it and you have to pull it gently out of your vagina and throw it away or decompose it properly digging a hole in a ground near you. If you are a male, you can simply press up the upper ring and take the condom out gently, tie a knot on the upper ring such that no fluid comes out of it and then you can bury it somewhere.

5. Wearing Care:-

Some people get so excited while taking out the condom from the packet that they try to tear off the packet of condom like a wild animal and their wild teeth are enough to tear the condom along with the packet. If you wear a torn condom, you can meet reverse effects also and thus I will advice you to take care while choosing a condom, tearing the wrapper and while wearing and taking it out.


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