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How to Use First Aid Kit (5 Steps)

How to Use First Aid Kit


The process of giving primary medication to anybody is known as first aid. Suppose, if somebody met a minor accident while you are in the way on your vehicle and you have a first aid kit with you and the hospital is at quite far distance from that place, you yourself can do the dressings with the help of that first aid kit. It is always advised to keep a first aid kit at your home or your office/workplace or even the drawers of your vehicles in order to avoid any casualty from suffering due to lack of proper treatment. You yourself can do the primary treatment to stop the bleeding and then the case may be bought to some good hospital and thus here we are explaining some ways to use first aid.

How to Use First Aid Kit

How to Use First Aid Kit

1. Keep Proper Essentials With You:-

Remember to keep proper essentials and equipments in your first aid kit and remember to replace the empty tubes and medicine pouches with new ones. Your first aid kit should contain basically every minor thing including a blade or knife, some surgical tape, some anti-septic liquid like Dettol or a thermometer to measure temperature, some fever pills, some pain reliever pills, a cough syrup, some bandages, some ointment cream, a cloth to be tied in case of excessive bleeding, some napkin or even band-aids or tape plaster.

2. Know The Usage:-

The next thing that you need to know about is the usage of everything that you have in your first aid box in a proper way. Learn to make bandages and learn to clear the wounds using the anti-septic liquid. Learn how to put band-aids and learn the proper usage of every medicinal pill that you have. You should know how to measure the temperature with a thermometer and should know the dosage of every pill that you have for children as well as adults. You should also know the other approaches like mouth to mouth breathing etc.

3. Keep Throwing Expired Pills And Medicines:-

Some pills and medicines are likely to get expired with time and those can be associated with many side effects if consumed after getting expired and thus you should keep on checking the expiry dates of the stuff in your first aid kit time to time in order to avoid any side effects and in order to give a proper treatment.

4. Wash The Wounds With Some Antiseptic Liquid:-

Learn how to make dressings, First of all you have to clear the wound soaking some anti-septic liquid in a cotton ball and then after clearing the wound, you have to take some ointment on a gauze dressing and keep it over the wound, then you can fix it with some bandage or even plaster tape. You can even go for the band aids in case of small cuts.

5. Know How To treat A Patient:-

Half knowledge is always dangerous and thus I will advice you to learn the usage of everything along with you. Learn when to use an ointment and when to use just the liquid. Learn about the wounds that heal faster when kept uncovered and the wounds that need to be covered with a bandage. Learn how to stop bleeding when there is a major injury. Warm bandages can be used for the unseen inner wounds to keep them warm and prevent from further injury.


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