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How to Use Egg on Hair at Home

How to Use Egg on Hair at Home


Egg yolk has proven health benefits for your hair and especially for women’s who always seek for the ways by which they can nourish their hair and make them strong, smooth and healthy enough against hair borne health problems and thus in this article we are explaining some ways that will help you care your hair in a better way nourishing your hair with the egg treatment.

How to Use Egg on Hair at Home

How to Use Egg on Hair at Home

1. Benefits Of Applying Egg On Your Hair:-

Egg yolk is proven to help you provide an added strength to your hair. Women’s always seek to nourish their hair and egg yolk is the best proven home remedy for it. Egg yolk can even make your hair silkier, shinier and will prevent them from hair fall also.

2. Getting The Content Out Of An Egg:-

First of all, take three-four eggs and place them on your kitchen slab. Take an egg one by one and make a hole in, each with spoon separate the egg covering and extract all the egg yolk in a bowl kept earlier on the slab to store it. Now when you have got all the egg yolk, take the spoon and mix it thoroughly such that all the egg yolk gets mashed together.

3. Mix-up Ingredients:-

Take some olive oil and mix it up with the egg yolk. You can even mix some yoghurt or milk or turmeric or even Sandalwood powder in order to get added benefits from it. Turmeric is proven to have anti-viral and antibiotic and nourishing properties with it. Milk has got proteins with it and oil provide an added nourishment. You can add these in order to nourish your scalp besides nourishing your hair as well.

4. Applying The Mixture:-

Now when all the stuff is ready and mixed properly, you can take the bowel that contains the mixture to your wash basin and apply it gently on your hair with a hair dye brush or you may even do that with your hands gently avoiding getting harsh with your hair. You can even use a comb to get the mixture from the tips to roots of your hair. The mixture should reach from your scalp till the tips of your hair. Now when the mixture has been applied. You have to keep it on your hair for an hour or so.

5. Rinse Out:-

After the time completes, you can rinse out the mixture that you applied on your hair. Just wash your hair with Luke warm water. If there is something left stacked on your hair, remove that using a hair brush and a water shower but avoid getting harsh with your hair. You can even do shampoo to your hair after that and go for conditioning if necessary.

6. Towel Care:-

When all the five steps that I mentioned earlier get completed, you just need to pat dry your hair with a towel, get them dried under the sun or an air dryer and then comb them properly. Your hair have got strengthened and nourished enough. You can repeat the process every week.


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