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How to Use Clean n Clear Face Wash

How to Use Face Wash Step by Step


In contemporary life’s where you have to deal with the continuous dirt and pollution ejected from vehicles while going to your office, Your skin pores are likely to get blocked with it giving rise to various skin problems. Even our skin needs air to breathe and when the skin pores get blocked with dirt, the cells of skin start getting dead giving rise to skin health problems and a perfect Face wash is the best thing to deal with it.

How to Use Clean n Clear Face Wash

How to Use Clean n Clear Face Wash

1. Choosing A Face Wash:-

The first thing before applying a face wash comes how to choose a face wash. It is not necessary that every face wash will suit your skin. There is a separate type of face wash for oily type skin and separate one for non-oily type skin. You should consult your skin tone with some skin care specialist before going for a face wash. You can even choose to read online reviews of the products before purchasing them in order to know experiences of users who used these products.

2. Care Before Applying:-

First of all before applying, you should keep all the essentials ready at their place. Keep a towel ready to wipe off excess water and make some Luke warm water ready for rinsing off the applied face wash, keep the face wash tube near wash basin along with the other essentials so as to avoid any miss happening. You can even read the leaflet of the face wash tube or back side of the tube to know the instructions for applying it.

3. Applying Gently:-

Now when everything has been put at place, you have to take some Luke warm water and splash it off your face. Now take some face wash on your right palm and start massaging your face skin with it. apply the face wash gel gently and smoothly, making use of your fingers. Wait for a while.

4. Rinse With Water:-

Rinse your face now with water. Your skin pores have got cleansed and you will feel fresh like anything. You can use face wash on your face twice a day or you can use it while going out and coming back home. Face wash is an ideal solution to save your skin from dirt and pollution. Now when you have rinsed off your skin with water, the next thing you need to do is to pat your skin dry with a towel.

5. Towel Dry Your Face:-  

Remove the towel from the towel hanger and start pressing your skin gently with it soaking all the water on your skin with it. Do not make a hurry and do it softly. Look, if there are any remains of face wash gel still on your skin, use water again if needed and clear that place using the towel only. When you have got your face dried, You can get indulged in other worked now. Your face has got cleansed and the freshness you will feel will itself tell you about it.


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