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How to Use BB Cream and What it is

What is BB Cream And How Do You Use It


The BB cream stands for the blemish balm or the blemish base or a beauty balm or even Blemish Balm whatever we call it, the meaning still remains that it is a single tube that has the power to replace all the creams in your cosmetic box. The BB creams are most popularly sold in the markets of Asia as an all in one fashion product to replace the other cosmetics like the serum or the moisturizer or a foundation etc and is an easy to carry means to beautify you.

How to Use BB Cream and What it is

How to Use BB Cream and What it is

Why Do I Need A B.B. Cream?

These type of creams are multitasking ones and provide you the all in one treatment within the single tube. These creams can be used as a moisturizer or as a regular foundation and can be used to treat acne or the sun spots or the age spots and wrinkles and provide a soothing effect to the women using it for makeup. The women using a beauty balm can use it to streamline her beauty saving the money she used to spend on the cosmetics and can save the space in her dressing table for the other things of daily needs. Beauty balms being the only product that a women needs to use on her face after having a face wash done becomes a benefit for all.

Purchasing A B.B Cream :-

Every tube of beauty balm comes with a variety of properties and effects that are variable with every tube and can differ for the case of every woman using it. One should know about the cream he is to purchase first and then should try to apply it. You should read online reviews about the cream you purchase and then react accordingly as it might give you a clue which cream suits your skin tone and how.

How To Apply A B.B Cream?

In order to apply a B.B. Cream you just need to apply it using your fingers as most of B.B creams get melted with the warmth of your fingers and tend to be easier to be applied. You can use these creams as a highlighter also.

Misconceptions About A B.B. Cream :-

Most of the women use lip balms as an alternative to foundation as it cures the blemishes on their face but most of the formulas of these tubes are designed to oxidize to match the user’s skin tone with the skin whitening properties and thus every tube can’t have the same effects on every user. Thus the user needs to be very careful while purchasing any of these B.B. creams and it is better if she reads the reviews and searches the web about the specific type of B.B. cream and then reads the properties of the tube before using it. Though the beauty balms provide good benefits but it is not possible to load all the features in a single tube and hence it may prove to be challenging for you to find the best one for your skin tone.


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