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How To Use Air Drop

How To Use Air Drop


Air drop is an apple INC’S OSX and iOS operating system that has been introduced in Mac iSX Lion (osx10.7) and iOS 7 Th. it enables the user to transfer the files or the data from one supported mac computer to the other supported mac computer and iOS mobile devices without actually using any email id of the individuals involved or any sort of mass storage device. You can drop anything from photos to web pages or to share a contact you can tap the share contact button at the end of the contact’s information in the contacts app.

How To Use Air Drop

How To Use Air Drop

How to Operate the Application ?

The application can be turned on or off with just a simple click or touch and the person with whom we can share our contact can also be controlled with this app by just swiping from the bottom of the screen to show up the control center. What you need to do is to just tap the air drop and the options get shown and among the options “off” can be used to switch off the air drop while “contacts only “ option can be used up to make the device visible to your contacts only. The “every one “option can be used to make all the devices near by to be able to view your device.

How To Share The Content ?

Using an air drop the content from the applications such as the photos, or the web addresses or the contacts etc can be shared with the other device depending on the application you might be able to select   the other items you want to share with the other device by just tapping on the name of the near by air drop user or the apple device if you are sharing with “contacts only”.

What If You Don’t Find A Near By User ?

If you can’t find up the user near by, you just need to check if both of you are signed up to an I-CLOUD account or not?
If despite being signed into an I-CLOUD account you can not reach each other, you just need to consider setting the application to the “everyone“visible mode. The other user receives the alert with a preview of the file you want to share with the gadget and has the choice to accept or decline your request. Thus if the other user accepts the data being sent by you, the data gets stored in his or her device and accepting what they get the content in their gadget. The photos sent to the device get located into the photos and the websites sent by you open in the safari application. Thus air drop is a revolutionary step in data sharing.


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