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How to Update Android Phone and Tablet (5 Step)

Update Android Phone and Tablet


When you purchase an ultra smart device for you, your heart is filled with a joy inexplicable that nobody can express. This joy is a result of having an ultra advance gadget in your hands that nobody except you had got in your locality, but this joy ends the very moment when a new model is issued by that company with a faster and new operating system and thus there is a need to update your older version of android with a new one and thus here we have come with some tips that you can use in order to update your android to a new version.

How to Update Android Phone and Tablet in 5 Easy Steps

How to Update Android Phone

1. The Requirement of An Update:-

You can’t go for an update till your smart phone’s software is a latest one. In order to update your phone’s operating system , you first have to wait for a new version to be issued for your handset by the company and then you can update it using the “system updates” option provided in the phone.

2. Things To Know Before An Update:-

As you are going for an update, there is a chance that your data may get affected, though generally it does not happens but still it is better to take a back up of all the data, applications, pictures and videos before going for an update in a memory card.

3. Checking If You Can Go For An Update:-

Go to the “system updates” application or if there is no application like it, you can even look for the system update option in the settings of your smart phone. It will display you all the current specifications of your phone like your phone I.D, hardware version, software version, serial number and last update check. There will be 2 options downside, one will read,” check now” that will tell you if your system software version is up to date or there is a new version available to download and the other will read as” configuration” that enables you to set the period of Update checking frequency.

4. Updating Your Android Handset:-

If the software version is up to date, you won’t be able to update it but if a new version is available for download, you can download it. It does not takes much time and after it downloads, you just need to click the update button. Your system will begin updating of old software with the new one.

5. While Updation:-

When the update process begins, your phone will get switched off and after installing the new software, it will start up again. When the phone starts up again, you can go and check the system details again, your phone I.D. would have got changed according to the new software version and the features of new software will be added to your smart phone.


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