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How to Trim Mustache with Trimmer, Scissor or Razor

How to Trim a Mustache


A mustache can be understood as the facial hair that grow on the upper lip. These can grow from extra small to even large lengths and can really enhance your looks if maintained in proper ways. Some even look to trim it if it gets larger than required or even if you look to shape it up or to give it a desired styling and thus people find new techniques to do so. Here we have come with some such techniques that will help you trim your mustache in a proper way.

How to Trim Mustache

How to Trim Mustache

1. Looking For The Style You Want:-

First of all, I will advise you to look for the style that you want to give your mustache. Let it be the John Abraham look or Let It be the Akshay kumar’s “GABAR” movie look, you can choose to go for any type of mustache look that defines your facial beauty and enhances your mustache. You can also choose to go for some mustache styling based chart to look for the styles that people go with.

2. Perfect Trimming Place:-

Now in order to go for further trimming approaches, You should set all the requisite things at their proper place. You might need some scissor, trimmer or shaving razor, a mirror, a piece of alum, a shaving gel and a shaving brush. Keep all these set with you and begin by trimming of the white hair. The next thing you have to go for is to trim your mustache to the desired style. Simply look in the mirror and trim your mustache to the desired shape.

3. Rinse the area with water or some shaving gel to make it soft:-

You are advised to sprinkle water over your mustache to make the hair go wet and easy to be trimmed. You can even choose to put some shaving gel on your mustache hair to make them extra soft and easy to be trimmed. You are advised to apply the piece of alum wherever you meet a cut to stop bleeding instantly and to avoid any infection. If an alum is not available, you can choose to go for some good disinfectant liquid like that of Dettol as well. If you are using an electric trimmer, you won’t need any shaving gel and you will be sorted by just sprinkling some water with spray.

4. Comb Your Mustache To Brush Them Out:-

If the hair have become extra sticky with each other, you can choose to comb them as well. The more your hair stay apart of each other, the easy they get able to be trimmed. You should also be careful about the way you use trimmer or trimmer blade on your mustache as using it in a wrong way can even spoil the shape of your mustache as well. When you are finished doing so, rinse your mouth again with water and look if there is anything left undone and go for the final touch. If you feel some sort of itching related to this place, simply Sprinkle some talcum powder on this place and brush it off. Your mustache has got trimmed.


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