How to Transfer Balance From Mobile to Mobile

How to Transfer Balance From Mobile to Mobile


These days mobiles have become common in every hands and so is the case with recharges, more mobiles means more recharges but everybody is not an earning hand, some even depend on others for balance and it is not always necessary that you carry a credit card with yourself all the time and it is not possible for you to move out always to a recharge shop and get your recharge done, to solve this crisis, many mobile operators have come up with balance sharing schemes and money transfer schemes some of which have been explained by us in this article.

How to Transfer Balance From Mobile to Mobile

How to Transfer Balance From Mobile to Mobile

1. Vodafone :-

Vodafone has come with the M-pesa scheme for its users by which they can easily transfer money to other relatives standing somewhere else in the country. Vodafone even offers five rupees loan to its customers that they can get from the network provider anytime they feel lack of balance to make a call or if there is still a lack of balance, they can request some of their friend to send them some of his balance. To transfer balance in Vodafone, you just need to follow a simple procedure. Firstly, type “TRAN (amount you want to transfer) (phone number of your friend)” and send it to 144 or you can even dial *131*amount*<phone number>#

2. BSNL :-

B.S.N.L  or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a government telecom company that offers balance transfer scheme to its customers by the means of U.S.S.D transfer service. The user just needs to type GIFT<space>mobile number and send it to >> 53733

3. UNINOR :-

With uninor you can transfer the balance using a simple U.S.S.D code or directly call the customer care. You can even dial *202*mobile number*amount#

4. Tata Docomo :-

TATADOCOMO offers various schemes to its users one of which can be used via U.S.S.D by simply typing Type>>BT<Space>>Mobile number<space>amount and send it to 54321. This scheme provided to be a boon both for the customers and the company.

5. Aircel :-

Aircel is known for its data offers. You just need to type *122*666# and make a call. Select from the options that the USSD follows and then make the transfer to the desired mobile number.

6. Idea :-

Idea came with the balance transfer scheme for its customer that could be done with the help of a USSD Code i.e. the user had to dial *567#<phone number>*<amount in rupees>#

7. Airtel :-

Airtel keeps on offering data and balance sharing schemes to its customers. One of the data sharing scheme that airtel came with was to share one data plan with your multiple friends. Now it also offers the balance sharing scheme via U.S.S.D that can be made simply by dialing   *143*<phone number># & press the call button. The user can transfer up to rupees 50 with this scheme. Airtel even allows the user to send money over its network to the relatives sitting at far off places in large amounts, for the schemes like this; you can call the customer care.

8. Reliance :-

You can dial *361*3# in order to transfer money from reliance. Then you have to dial *312*3# and then you have to enter the mobile number. Reliance supports not just the balance transfer options, but supports the money transfer options also.


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