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How to Train yourself as your Own Personal Trainer at Gym

How To Be Your Own Personal Trainer at the Gym


These days gymming has become a commonly practiced job that a healthy life can’t be thought possible without. Gymming requires proper training and that too can’t be imagined without a proper gym trainer, but to hire a gym trainer can cost you much and you may have to spend much of the money through your pockets for it, thus in this article we are up with some ways to be your won gym instructor that will really benefit you and rather will save much of your money.

How to Train yourself as your Own Personal Trainer at Gym

How to Train yourself as your Own Personal Trainer at Gym

1. Research Workouts:-

The first thing you need to do is to research about the workout plans that various gymmers and wrestlers and weight lifters have adopted till the date. The second thing you need to do is to note down some of the workouts that you think will suit you. Like suppose you want to work on your chest area, you can note down various chest workouts or if you wish some biceps workouts, those can be noted.

2. Plan Schedule:-

The next thing that you have to do is to plan a schedule for yourself. You need to make a timetable with a strong plan. Arrange separate workouts for separate days. Workout on your biceps on Monday. Your shoulders on Tuesday, your chest on Wednesday and so on like these have a separate day for each part of your body, take rests on Sundays. Start by the treadmill and end with a step mill.

3. Decide Proper Breaks:-

Now when the exercises have been decided, you need to look for proper breaks in between, You should exercise in sets taking breaks in between and then repeating the workouts. You should take enough breaks and adequate sleep at nights.

4. Work On A Diet Plan:-

After working on a workout plan, the next thing you need to work out on is a diet plan. Look for power packed foods and health supplements and add them to your diet. Drink plenty of water and add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Research about the nutritional breakdown of the diet, you consume and regulate your intake of everything.

5. Motivate Your Self:-

To motivate a gymmer is the job of a trainer. To become your won trainer, thus you will need to learn how to motivate yourself also. The day you learn to motivate yourself, you will be a gym trainer for yourself in true senses.

6. Workout Videos:-

Professional trainers and gyms keep on uploading their fitness videos online on health sites and Youtube. You can manage to download those videos and follow them for continuous betterment of yourself. Recently Shahrukh Khan and Bipasha Basu who are Indian Bollywood stars had even issued their fitness mantra videos that can prove to be beneficial for you in certain ways. You can even manage for some motivational videos for yourself. Start from the normal mode and end with the beast mode. Eat health supplements post gumming to recover from the damage caused by excessive workout. Learn to praise yourself and seek for continuous evaluation and betterment of yours.


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