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How to Train your Puppy (6 Steps)

How to Train your Puppy


You may take a puppy as the off springs of a dog and bitch. These are really cute and everybody likes to bring them home so as to make them a pet, but it is the very beginning of the life of that pup and it is not even trained so as to learn habits to behave with people and often sometimes it gets quite un manageable and thus here we have come with some tips for you to train your puppy in a better way following some simple tips that I am mentioning here.

How to Train your Puppy

How to Train your Puppy

1. Sniffing And Recognizing:-

The first thing that you can manage to teach your dog is to teach him how to sniff things and judge which thing is harmful and which one is good. Simply put, some bad and good things in front of your puppy while taking it out for a walk and let it recognize things by sniffing them. Praise your puppy by adoring it if it chooses the good thing and take it ahead refusing to choose bad things. Make it a routine and thus one day your puppy will get trained in making choices.

2. Join the Upper Two Hands In Front of A Guest:-

Train the puppy to stand on its lower legs and join the upper two hands whenever a guest arrives. You can train it to shake hands with people and welcome guests. The puppy will learn each and every thing that you train it simply give it a treat when he does something good and refuse it to do bad things.

3. Potty Manners:-

It is the most important part of training a puppy about the places to urinate and to do potty. Simply take your puppy out regularly for walks and do that it routine. Keep the place where you tie your dog clean so as to make it learn that it is its home and let it excrete and do potty while you take it out. This way it will learn potty and urinating manners as well.

4. Newspaper Picking:-

Puppies can also be trained how to pick up newspapers. Do it the same way as you teach your puppy to pick up a ball thrown by you, and it will start picking up the newspaper for you as well. This will prove to be an exercise for the puppy and prove to save your time as well.

5. Frisbee Picking:-

Play Frisbee picking game with your puppy to make it active and teach it what to eat and what not to eat. The moment it makes a good choice you should give it a treat and the bad things should be made to be kept out of its reach. The place where it lives should be kept dry and you can also manage to clean it regularly so as to teach it cleanliness habits.

6. Food Habits:-

You need to work on the food habits, sleeping habits, waking up habits, roaming habits and almost every other thing of your puppy from the very beginning, so as to ensure that when it grows up, it becomes a great trained dog.


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