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How to Train your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon


How To Train Your Dragon is a movie based on dragons that was made taking inspiration from the book with the same name written by Cressida Cowell, This one is an awesome feature film that depicts warriors and the island of Berk, which is a remote Viking village and an awkward son of village chieftain stoick the vast who is named as Hiccup, being too small to fight the dragons and instead loves to make mechanical devices for the black smith. The story is based on Vikings and dragons and proves to be an awesome choice for all to view it. It is basically a house full movie.

How to Train your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon

1. Related Facts:-

The movie gained huge success on box office being a hit earning as much as 500 million dollars worldwide. People really liked hiccup’s character which made the movie get nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score at the 83rd Academy Awards. Though it could not get it, being bitten by toy story-3 that gained more votes than it and came along with its sequel as well named as “How To Train Your Dragon -2” that proved to be a success again. Many video games have been launched based on this movie that have bought about a shift in the number of fans of this movie making it a big hit.

2. Casting of The Movie:-

The movie has got Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J. Miller and Kristen Wiig as the main characters. The music has been given by John Powell and editing has been done Darren T. Holmes, Maryann Brandon

3. Minute Details:

The movie got released on March 26, 2010 and did a business of $494.8 million on box office while it was made with a budget of $165 million with a running time of one hour, thirty minutes and eight seconds being a complete family entertainer, the movie is based in English.

4. Story:-

The story revolves around a teenager named Hiccup who lives in a wiking world and is supposed to become a dragon slayer, but feels it impossible for him to do so as finding his first dragon, He is not able to do so and instead chooses to make it his friend. Hiccup had got a chance this time to be accepted by his tribe, but lost it saving the dragon instead of killing it and here is the plot when the story starts encountering twists that only watching the movie can make you come across. The overall story is nice and the effects and imagination is simply awesome. The director and producer have done their best to bring the Viking world out of the book from where it has been imagined.

5. Direction and production:-

The movie, How to train your dragon is directed by the famous movie director Chris Sanders, Dean De Blois and is produced by the famous producer,” Bonnie Arnold”. The Screenplay has been created by Will Davies, Dean De Blois and Chris Sanders. The movie is a work of Dream Works Animation.


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