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How to Toilet Train a Puppy

How to Toilet Train a Puppy


When a puppy is born, It is too much innocent to understand if the place is suitable for him to excrete or not. Sometimes it has been seen that the area in which the puppy lives is so small that the puppy prefers to eat what he excreted himself and try to drink its own toilet. This happens due to the lack of knowledge that only his mother could give him or could be given by a good trainer. You yourself are not less than a trainer and thus to overcome this situation, You will just need to toilet train your puppy following some tips that I am mentioning.

How to Toilet Train a Puppy

How to Toilet Train a Puppy

1. Dogs Urinate When They Get Scared:-

It has been seen that when you bring home a puppy without its mother, It feels alone and starts howling. Whenever a cracker explodes or there is something that can make the puppy go scared, the puppy does nothing but urinates and thus by looking if your puppy is getting scared, you can prevent it from doing such things.

2. Look For The Timing of Outing With Your Puppy:

It has been seen that those puppies who do not get enough time with their owner for outing are seen to urinate anywhere. If you take your puppy our daily to some playground, The puppy will learn that it is the time you leave him to urinate and will stop doing that while the puppy is at home.

3. Commanding Your Puppy:-

We have vocal chords to speak everything but the puppies don’t have it and they can’t speak with their mouth to tell you that they feel like urinating. When you go with your puppy for walk in the evening and morning, try to command him for urination and excreting. The day puppy will learn your commands, you will be able to take over the routine over his habits.

4. Smell of Urine:-

It is sometimes that the smell of urine may even make a puppy urinate much often as he may think the place to be a urinating junction for all. You should rinse away all the bad stuff from your house the moment it happens so as to give puppy an impression that cleanliness is to be maintained in the house.

5. Keep The Habits Regular:-

Some people never stay regular in their outing habit with the puppy and thus the puppy never understands why you are taking it out for. You should keep the outing habit regular and punctual. Decide a specific time for outing and be stick to it. Let somebody take the puppy out in time so as to get it urinated daily.

6. Bladder Related Precautions:-

It has been found that some dog breeds like “Pug” have a weak bladder and thus they keep on urinating and excreting much often. You should keep on taking the dogs of these breeds out much often or you may manage their diet plan as well. Keep providing them a meal that helps in strengthening of the bladder.


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