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How to Tie Dye and Tie Dye Techniques

How to Tie Dye and Tie Dye Techniques


Do you love to wear colourful clothes? Tying a die can prove to be a great approach to achieve proper colouring to your clothes. You simple need some colours for the purpose of dying and then you just need to go for the further approaches. You can choose to go for the polka dots approach or the spiral colouring approach or even the pleated look. All the looks go trendy and vibrant when you choose to tie a die to it and this technique proves to be equally helpful for you.

How to Tie Dye and Tie Dye Techniques

How to Tie Dye and Tie Dye Techniques

1. Keep The Dying Colours Ready With Hot Water:-

First of all, if you want to colour your piece of cloth in a multicolour version, you can choose to prepare to manage some dye colours for yourself along with some hot water to make it get merged with your clothes and some common salt or Sodium Chloride in order to give a vibrant look to the colour of your piece of cloth.

2. Targeting the Tie Die Area:-

In order to target the die area, You need to get a bit tricky. You will need to use your mind to be much creative about this process. There are several methods to tie a die. The first one is that if you want to make dots or multicolour patches on your piece of cloth, You just need to pinch some area of the cloth and tie a rubber band around it. You can pinch up the cloth depending upon your colouring needs and you can make the number of such ties according to your choices dipping the coloured string in the die solution. Another approach that you can follow is to simply fold up the shirt and dip it in the dye solution firstly from one side and then from the other. You should know how to play with colours to achieve what you need to do.

3. Tying Techniques:-

One of the best suiting dying techniques is to tie up the dye with spiral patterns. You simply need to roll up your piece of cloth in a circular way keeping one of your fingers at the centre and then rolling it up creating a circular motion. You can fix up some string or some rubber band when you are finished doing so. Now what you need to do is just to tie dyes with it in order to provide colours to it with the help of the strings or the rubber bands.

4. Further Approaches:-

In order to tie a die, You can yourself make much of the home based experiments as well. Simply fold it, twist it, pleat it or through crumpling and binding with strings or bands. The more you experiment, the more you get professional.

5. Precautions:-

First of all, the water that you use for dying up the shirt or the piece of cloth should not be excess hot, the fabric also can be regarded as the deciding factor while trying to die a shirt. You can also choose to add salt to your die solution in order to make the colour look more vibrant on the piece of cloth chosen by you for dying purpose.


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