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How to Take Loan in Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Videocon

How to Take Loan in Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Videocon


With contemporary world going high tech and mobile companies seeking to bring about the facilities that are enough to bring about the shift in their customers, the mobile companies seek to provide a new number of technologies in the telecom market that enhance the facilities they provide and bring about the desired results. Mobile loan service is such a scheme launched by the telecom companies in order to improve the facilities they provide, in order to attract the customers.

How to Take Loan in mobile

How to Take Loan in Mobile

Benefits of Mobile Loan:-

Suppose you are out of station or suppose you are in your office and you can’t go out on a recharge shop to get your SIM card recharged, the loan service facilitates you to get some advance credit from the company by getting agree to fulfill their conditions and promise to pay the money back after a certain period of time.

How Much Loan Can I Get?

The amount of loan that you get from your network provider depends largely on the company conditions that you agree with. You can get any amount from rupees 4 to 50 depending on the company services and plans. You just have to dial a USSD code that the company provides you or you may even get the credit by sending SMS.

What Are The Terms And Conditions?

depending on its plan, the company may impose a condition on you and one of these condition that company imposes to you is that you have to return back the loan next time when you go for a recharge. The first thing that happens after the recharge is made is the deduction of this money. Not just this money, but you will also have to pay the service charge that company takes for it.

Procedure of Loans:-


53555 is the number that you have to dial and then you have to press 5 in order to take a loan of rupees 4. You can even get the loan through USSD by dialing *444# from your cell phone in order to get the loan. Idea will deduct rupees 5 in return with the new recharge.


Vodafone gives a loan of five rupees to its customers by sending a SMS “CREDIT” to 144. Vodafone will deduct rupees 6 in return next time you make a recharge. You can even make a call to 1241 in order to know more or you can even call the customer care.


If you are a BSNL customer, you just need to send an SMS by typing “CREDIT” and sending it to 53738. You will get 5 rupees instantly


Airtel gives you a loan of rupees 10 and takes rupees 12 in return when you pay the loan back. You just need to dial *141# (*141*10#) and then a menu will follow it from which you have to select the third option   and then confirm it pressing the “1” key. 12 rupees will stay outstanding when you get the credit and you will have to pay them back at the next recharge.


Through Aircel, you can get a loan of rupees 10 anytime by dialing*414# which will add 10 Rupees as a loan to your account and you can get it only when your balance is between zero to one rupees.


Videocon offers you a talk time loan of 10,20,30and 50 and in order to get this loan, you can SMS “LOAN” to 543212 or you may even make a call on *140#.


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