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How to Take Good Selfies With Your Phone

How to Take Good Selfies With Your Phone


A selfie is a self portrait photograph that is taken with a hand held camera or your smart phone. These days there is a trend in fashion to keep on uploading selfies on social networking sites to get comments and likes and thus here we have come with some tips applying which you can take awesome selfies for yourself that will bring you a number of positive comments that will get you on the seventh cloud.

How to Take Good Selfies With Your Phone

How to Take Good Selfies

1. Good Camera:-

First of all, to get good selfies, you should have a good camera. You can click a selfie with your own phone or if it lacks in resolution, you can manage to take some of your friend’s phone for some time and take selfies from it. It is better if the phone has got a flash or you may even use some digital camera for this purpose.

2. Learn To Make Poses:-

Now when you have got the camera, you just have to make different poses, You can stand with some of your friend or you may choose some other thing like a teddy bear or some relative or You may even take a selfie to show your new outfit or new accessories keeping a focus on them. Be experimental and innovative enough to make your selfies look good with the poses that you make. Try out a specific angle that focuses on your beauty more than the rest of the surroundings.

3. Choosing a Background:-

The next thing that you need to choose is a suitable background. You can take a selfie in some park or even some construction site or whatever you like. You can even choose some garden or some other site. You can even hide the background, making it fade, if you think the background is bad one.

4. Smile Please:-

People look really bad when they look serious or sad. You should learn to smile making every pose. Those who smile and show their dimples while posing really look cute in their selfies. If you are a girl, You can even go for a pout selfie as the pout selfies are in a fashion these days. You just have to make your lips in the kissing like position and your pout selfie gets clicked. You can even give a pose like you are giving a flying kiss to somebody.

5. Crop Up And Blemish Fix:-

If you have some dark spots or blemishes or signs of acne on your face, you can even choose to hide them using blemish fix feature that comes with approximately every photo editor these days. You can even increase or decrease the brightness according to your skin tone. If there is something unwanted in the picture, you can crop it and save a new file.

6. Special Effects:-

You can even insert some special effects or you may change the gradience of your photograph. You can chose to insert a suitable frame or clip art in order to make it look attractive. You can enhance the quality of photograph with some software like Instagram or photo shop that allow you to do experiments with the selfies and help you enhance the beauty of selfies taken by you.


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