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How to Support an Eaves Trough

How to Support and Eaves Trough


An eaves trough is a name given to a gutter or gutter pipe. We mostly use eaves trough connecting them with the help of pipes diverting the rain water from rooftop to the sewage pipelines and these can also be connected to the other areas of the house as well. Good installation and maintenance is what every eaves trough network demands and thus you need to support the eaves trough system positioned in your house time to time to achieve about the desired results. In order to support eaves trough, the following tips can be bought into use: –

How to Support an Eaves Trough

How to Support an Eaves Trough

1. Gather the Equipments:-

As like any approach begins with the choice of equipments, here also we will begin by the choice of equipments only. In order to support eaves trough, you might feel the need of anything ranging from a pliers, hammer, pry bar, drill, hacksaw, tin snips etc. Just fix a ladder and begin with your approach. You should also use protective essentials like proper two sided ladder, hand gloves and eye gear in order to prevent any sort of physical damage.

2. Purchase a Ready Made Eaves Trough Support:-

An option of Ready-made eaves trough support is always available in the market. Many manufacturers these days have come up with their own eaves trough supports these days in the market. You can purchase these readymade supports in order to ensure a proper and everlasting support for your eaves trough. Don’t forget also to remove the leaves, debris, dirt etc. from the working area before beginning the support usage.

3. Installing the eaves trough support:-

Here we begin installing the eaves trough support. We will use a ladder in order to reach the perfect place and then we will pre-drill holes for spike and ferrule using a drill machine. The brackets will be installed then into solid wood and then we will attach the downspouts. Stainless steel nails will suit the best for installing the eaves trough support.

4. Make sure it has a right slope:-

Make sure that your eaves trough is having a right kind of slope. This will make the slope move water away from your home as farther as it can and thus it won’t be reaching the foundation of your house. Check the drainage once you position it. Take the help of brackets, nails etc. to position the eaves trough and eaves trough support. Once you install them perfectly, you can watch out the entire area inspecting if there is any leakage or splashing out of water. Check for leaks around joints and then we can finalize the work tightening the screws.

5. Divert The Drainage:-

The water that comes off from your roof should be guided as away as your gutter can make it reach from your house. Any impediment faced by eaves trough or gutters can make you experience clogging of the roof with water because of clogging of the gutter and thus you should keep inspecting even the small leakages to ensure strength and long life of your house.


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