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How to Strike Gold

How to Strike Gold


Since the discovery of gold itself, this metal has remained one of the most precious metals amongst all. The reason is its luster, malleability, ductility and other such features, for which it is bought in use for making ornaments. To grab or strike gold is thus a dream come true for many of us as gold means money. Most of the ladies are also mad like anything after gold. Americans are always called gold diggers because of their crush after gold. These days prime Minister of India, Mr. Narender Modi had also shown a green signal on gold based investment plans and thus the value of gold keeps increasing day by day. Here are some ways in which one can strike gold very much easily:-

How to Strike Gold

How to Strike Gold

1. Win It in Athletics:-

The best way to strike gold is to win it in athletics or sports meet. Though most of the trophies put forward in such competitions are just coated with gold and it is not an original one, but most of these trophies are associated with an equal amount which can be bought in use to purchase gold worth the same value.

2. Discover It in Rivers and Soil:-

Gold was first discovered gold California in 1849. Gold is one of the metal forms that we get from the earth only. Most of the pieces of gold flow with the river and thus you can collect them from such places provided you know which river or piece of ground to reach for this purpose.

3. Make Investment in Gold to Make More Gold:-

These days, gold investment schemes are on a verge of start. Gold investment refers to the name of investing gold in money making schemes and to generate more income on the name of invested gold. The money earned as a profit can be bought into use again to purchase some more gold afterwards.

4. Purchase Raw Gold and Make Jewellery of It:-

Raw gold or un-used gold is always cheaper. The purest form of gold can never be bought in use for making jewellery and instead we have to mix some impurities in gold for making it hard enough to make jewellery from it. Just purchase gold in raw form and start making jewellery from it establishing a business of gold smith workshop. You can make much more gold this way.

5. Start a Gold-Loan and Finance Business:-

If the above options seem to be discouraging in your case, you can start up a gold loan or finance business in order to make money with the business of gold lending and investments. You will earn when people borrow money from you to purchase gold. You will also earn money when they put forward their gold ornaments as a mortgage with your firm.

6. Move Forward On a Treasure Hunt:-

Last but not the least, if you know a place with stories of hidden treasures associated with it, you can for sure move on a treasure hunt to fetch yourself some adventure besides giving yourself a chance to strike gold if your fortune shines by some way and who knows that you may become the next “Jack Sparrow” of next pirates of the Caribbean movie this way.


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