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How to Stop your Dogs from Digging Holes

How To Stop Dogs From Digging


Introduction :-

Dogs are a bit playful, they like to dig for many reasons, the dog may do it for entertainment purposes or to search for prey or to seek for comfort or protection from someone or to escape from somebody or just to seek attention of the others but some of the dog owners take the habit of digging to be a severe problem and want their dog to stop this habit. This can be done by knowing that why the dog is digging and by getting the dog diagnosed for this purpose. Even the dogs need to seek for entertainment as even they get bored and that might be the reason that your dog is digging.

How to Stop your Dogs from Digging Holes

How to Stop your Dogs from Digging Holes

Reasons Behind The Habit of Digging :-

The first reason that your dog keeps on digging is that you leave it in the isolated yard of your house where there is no company for him and he feels alone out there and starts digging to entertain himself and to have some job to do, your dog might find the environment near him to be barren and not playful and thus might seek for other options like digging.

If you are having a pup or an adolescent i.e the pup under three years of age, and the pup does not have any outlets for the energy then he might develop the habit to keep digging. There are some breeds of dogs that are bred to dig up the soil and thus you need to know the breed of your dog.
If your dog has seen you gardening in the dirt, then the dog may think it to  be a nice job to perform and might develop the habit of digging.

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Everywhere:-

The digging habit of any dog is not something to worry about, even the dogs need some time to feel relaxed and to entertain themselves. Try to expand your dog’s world by taking your dog out for a walk at least twice a day and play games with your dog like a frisbie or to fetch a ball or a flying disk and try to play with your dog often as possible. You can provide a sand pit to your dog specially to play in it and avoid digging at another important places likely to be spoiled with digging.
Treat your dog with care and see the results yourself, every animal feeds on love and so is the case with the dogs.


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