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How to Stop Diarrhea Fast at Home

How to Stop Diarrhea


Diarrhea or diarrhea can be understood as the condition of meeting loose liquid bowel movements each day. This condition really makes you suffer as you have to reach the toilet multiple times a day and it does not lets you work properly even. The person suffering from this condition is seen to get restless and can’t even wait or control till the another person comes out of the toilet sometimes as the bowel movements are liquid and frequent which can make him go restless and impatient. The condition often results in dehydration and can even make your heart rate faster. Here we have mentioned some tips that you can bring in use to stop this condition in your case.

How to Stop Diarrhea

How to Stop Diarrhea

1. Keep Drinking:-

The content of Sugar and Salt content makes water to be absorbed better and thus you can choose to add salt and sugar to water and keep drinking it as it can relieve you from diarrhea. Water added with sugar and salt rather keeps you free from the problems like dehydration and is considered to be the best medicine for the treatment of it as well.

2. Stay Away of Caffeine Rich Drinks And Alcohol:-

Coffee and other such products rich in caffeine can make the problem of diarrhea get much intense and thus you can choose to stay away from a diet rich in caffeine. Stay away from coffee and other such products and avoid the other bad drinks like alcohol that can make the problem of diarrhea get worse in your case.

3. Have Rice or Meshed Potatoes In Meals:-

It has been seen that rice or meshed potatoes can be a great diet in case of patient suffering from diarrhea. It helps to make your stool less liquidly thus making you get relieved somewhat from the problem of this disease. Just take some boiled potatoes, mesh them properly, add salt to taste and consume it as a foods in this time.

4. Bananas As Fruit:-

Banana is a yellowish fruit that is not even too much expensive and can be easily added to your diet as well. You can choose to add bananas to your diet in order to get relieved from diarrhea in a way that it has been seen in a study that those who consume bananas stay away from the problems like diarrhea.

5. Medications for Diarrhea:-

If nothing proves to be beneficial for you in the case of diarrhea, you can choose to seek for an appointment with some good doctor, meet him and get the medicines recommended to stop diarrhea problem in your body. You can even ask him to recommend some medicines to prevent the stool from getting liquidly and help you with this problem. You can also ask him to recommend something for the added symptoms as well.

6. Add Probiotics to Your Diet:-

Probiotics can be understood as the drinks rich in bacteria that is good for gut. This bacteria goes to the stomach, lives in it and helps to crowd out the bad bacteria living in your body. It has been found that probiotics can really help you with the problem of diarrhea and thus you can choose to add it to your diet.


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