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How To Stay Fit And Healthy Without Exercise

fit n healthy without exercise


Purchase a pedometer & monitor your walking speed:

Pedometer is a gadget that tells you how much workout you already have in your daily schedule. take atleast ten thousand steps a day in order to stay away from diseases like weight gain, high blood pressure & chronic diseases.
You need to increase your walking speed In order to burn more of calories you take. Besides burning your calories, it saves much of your time & increases your heart rate.

How To Stay Fit And Healthy Without Exercise

How To Stay Fit And Healthy Without Exercise

Walking to your workplace instead of driving in a car makes you get more of sun’s vitamin D. if your workplace is much far that you haven’t any other option except your car, try parking your car several km’s away from your workplace, so that you have to walk more to reach your car. or if you can’t do that prefer using a motor bike so that you may still be exposed to the sun.

Breath deeply & Avoid sitting for a long time:

Relax, sit back & breathe deeply into your chest. Take the air inside for one to two seconds and then get it out again for two seconds. doing this activity for 2 minutes anywhere regularly, let it be at your workplace, or on couch, or while in your car or whlle making the supper or before going to the bed can help a lot.

People who keep on sitting at a same place for more than thirty minutes without any support are more prone to suffer from acute back pain. Standing makes you burn 33% more of trhe calories you take daily & makes you stretch your muscles & improve your posture.

If someone hates to exercise, he can try outdoor hobbies like playing with a frisbee with your dog, or games like basketball, badminton or volley ball with your friends. Or if he can’t do these, many of his neighbours who have bepetted a dog must need him.

Avoid sugar, processed foods & take plenty of water:

Avoid fast foods & junk foods like pizzas and burgers in order to stay fit. These empty calories require much of your workout to burn off. rather than taking junk food, you can eat fruits two or more times a day. fruit contains sugar but also contains fiber, which helps you regulate your digestive system in a better way.

fit n healthy without exercise

make sure 50% of your meals consists of vegetables like spinach. try to eat small meals throughout the day rather than having three or four big meals, it makes you neglect feeling hungry. You can take some snacks in between drink as much as water you can drink through your stomach, when you wake up in the morning & fifteen to twenty glasses of water through out the day. It helps you regulate your excretory & digestion system.

your diet should be rich in proteins. Start eating veggies like spinach, if you can eat them raw, no substitute can take its place. spinach proves helpful in making new blood.


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