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How to Stay Away From Sex

How to Stay Away From Sex


Sex is a physical process that takes place between two sexes after they become physically mature for mating. In it the male sex organ would get inserted into the female sex organ and a complete level of satisfaction would be reached by both the partners while mating with each other. Generally sex is done for the purpose of reproduction and Sex may be a protected or unprotected depending on your priorities and expectations and in order to stay away from it, you may choose to go for the following ways:-

How to Stay Away From Sex

How to Stay Away From Sex

1. Self Control:-

The first, foremost and best way to avoid sex and to stay away from it is self control. Try to limits your making sex with your partner and then make it completely neglected. The more you both stay close, the more you will feel attracted and thus stay away from your partner or have control in order to stay away from sex.

2. Don’t Get seduced:-

When one gets seduced, he or she longs for a physical relationship and thus in order to avoid making sex with your partner, you should try avoiding getting seduced. Meditation and yoga can really help you a lot in order not to get seduced by your partner.

3. Say No to Blue Films:-

The ones who have a habit of watching blue films always have an urge to make sex in their mind and thus it is advised that you completely shun watching these kinds of movies. You should even not watch any movie with seducing or intimating scenes in them, even the single thought of sex should be eliminated from your mind.

4. Have Suitable Distance from Your Partner:-

Try having a suitable distance from your partner. If possible, try sleeping in separate rooms or have separate beds or blankets or try sleeping on opposite sides with faces turned off from each other. This will make you both have a suitable distance from each other and thus you won’t feel like having sex.

5. Have Meditation Be Bought To Your Schedule:-

As I told you earlier, meditation can help you a lot in order to shun having sex. Whenever you feel like you wish to have sex with your partner, simply close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. The urge to have sex will go away like this within a few moments of deep breathing.

6. Meet some expert:-

There are medicines to limit the sex attraction for your partner and these medicines can be bought in use to stay away from sex. Simply meet a health expert and ask him about these remedies and bring them in regular use to stay away from having sex.


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