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How to Solve Rubik’s Cube Advanced Method

How to Solve Cube Puzzle


A cube puzzle refers to the puzzle which includes a cube with various signs or colors or symbols on it to be rearranged in a perfect order. This may also be a Rubik’s cube which is a cube with a variety of colors on it with a single color reserved for each side and nine blocks of each color. All what you have to do is to re-arrange all those nine small blocks of same color to each side, making each side resemble a specific color of nine small blocks. The other block puzzles might have some special sign or picture instead of color for you to re-arrange it. There are some special tricks to cheat or solve these puzzle games which make it an easy job to solve such puzzle games which we are describing here.

How to Solve Rubik's Cube Advanced Method

How to Solve Rubik’s Cube Advanced Method

1. Begin Arranging a Single Color or Shape:-

A cube puzzle should always be started from a single side or face and you should never begin on all the faces at the same time. Simply choose a single color or shape and start moving one block at a time. Try arranging the blocks in a crossword type manner first and then try completing the face finding the missing parts in them.

2. Learn the Algorithms:-

There are also some algorithms in mathematics which once learnt can make you easily solve the cube puzzles like Rubik’s cubes. You can search these algorithms on the internet also. There are also professional cube solvers available on the internet these days which once fetched with the colors of your scrambled puzzle can easily make you get the solution of your puzzle.

3. Do it Layer By Layer:-

There is another way of solving cubes puzzle which includes you to try solving it layer by layer. You can also watch the YouTube video tutorials for each kind of cubes puzzle to learn solving it in a better way. If you still find it difficult for yourself to solve a cube puzzle, you can take professional assistance regarding the same. It won’t be difficult to find a professional cube puzzle solver as generally every second guy at any time has tried to play or solve such puzzles.

4. Block Breaking Cheats:-

Some of the cubes are designed in such a way that you can easily break them to separate all the block pieces. Once you take all the pieces out, you can assemble them back in a perfect order. Cheating this way to assemble back the cube in perfect order is the best way to cheat in order to solve the cube puzzle.

5. Practice more and more:-

You may fail in your first attempt, but from the very second attempt, you will learn something new. Soon you will be accustomed with many ways to cheat, solve and enjoy the game. The more you practice, the easier it will get for you to solve the puzzle. You can also try beginning from a single face in order to solve the entire puzzle but this takes time.


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