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How to Sob Uncontrollably

How to Sob Uncontrollably


To sob means to cry and to sob uncontrollably means to cry in such a way that no one can control you. Not even you yourself can have a control over your cry in such a situation. In some cases when we are full of grief and complaints in the inner self, the only way left with us to express the flood of emotions going on in our heart is to sob uncontrollably. If your partner has left you, or if you have met a sudden loss of life of someone whom you really loved, sobbing like this is an expected thing, but if there is no such reason and still you feel like crying, here are some tips which can be followed in order to sob uncontrollably:-

How to Sob Uncontrollably

How to Sob Uncontrollably

1. Dim off the Lights:-

First of all, dim off the lights so that nobody may be able to consider your emotions and so that it may look real even if you get mistaken somewhere. Now start crying loudly. First, you can try this in the bathroom or toilet as nobody notices you at such places. You can practice the same in your living room afterwards.

2. Think That You Are Literally Sad:-

In order to sob uncontrollably like a professional, you will need to think that you are literally sad. You will need to come in the character of remorse and sadness like the one we adopt when there is an unexpected death taking place in our relations.

3. Use Eye Drops If Tears do not arrive:-

Some people complaint that they never experience tears when they try to cry. In such cases, you can keep an eye dropper with you to put a few drops of it on near portion of your eyelids to make it feel like a few tears have recently fallen off from your sides. Even if the drop falls down, still there will be a mark of water left behind and it will give a realistic feel.

4. Meditate To Focus on Something Really Bad:-

If you still feel something incomplete with your sobbing action, just close your eyes and press your eye lids hard against each other. Now think that something really bad is happening to you and try to focus on that particular feeling. Tears will soon start coming out of your eyes.

5. Feel the Emotions:-

In order to sob uncontrollably, you just need to feel bad emotions or emotions of remorse. Once you are able to feel such emotions, it becomes easy for you to sob or cry. Just have a topic in your mind and get attached with it permanently. For example, think that your husband is dying and think about the consequences that will follow this scene with you. Get into the character and you will automatically feel like crying.

6. Start Crying:-

If still none of the approaches proves fruitful, just dim the lights of your room and start crying loudly without any tears falling from your side. Just fold your fingers in punching position while taking a few drops of water in them and then start rubbing your eyes with the same fingers. It will look like tears had fallen off from your eyes if someone enters the room.


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