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How to Sit Whole Day In Front of Computer

How to Sit Whole Day In Front Of Your Computer


With the arrival of Google Adsense based jobs and highly internet oriented living schedule of an average internet and computer user, the life schedule becomes more complaining about the living stresses and body complaints that the person reports. Sometimes there is a severe back-pain reported by the individual and sometimes it is that his or her eyes are irritating. There is a solution to every such problem. If you are related to some work that makes you sit on the computer for hours, here we have bought some tips for you that once applied to your schedule, will make you able to sit in front of your computer set for a whole day.

How to Sit Whole Day In Front of Computer

How to Sit Whole Day In Front of Computer

1. Adjust the Brightness of Your Computer:-

If the brightness of your computer seems too low or too high, you can customize it according to your need. Besides this, you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse to maintain a safe distance from the computer screen. You can also customize the computer text size according to your needs.

2. Adjust the Lightning Conditions:-

Working in a dark room and focusing on the computer screen in such an environment might damage your eyes and thus you are also advised to keep the lighting conditions adjusted in your room. This will save your eyes against the damage caused by rays coming out of your computer screen.

3. Keep Splashing Your Eyes with Water and Taking Small Breaks In Between:-

While working on a computer for long time, you can take small two minute breaks in between to stretch your muscles and to splash up your eyes with water. This will save your muscles from getting jammed and will also save your eyes against the damage caused by rays coming out of the screen.

4. Use Computer Spectacles:-

There are special computer based spectacles available in all optical stores these days. These spectacles are designed especially to save your eyes from the damage caused by ultraviolet rays and thus you can also purchase these special spectacles for yourself to safeguard your eyes against the damage caused by rays coming out of the computer screen.

5. Adjustable And Comfortable Chair:-

The chair that you sit on, while working, also adds to your comfort. Do not compromise in purchasing a good chair for yourself. These days, special chairs are also available in the market which can be adjusted according to the height of your table and which have an adjustable back angle so as to provide added comfort to your backbone. You can bring one such chair for yourself or you can also use cushions or pillows with your old chair so as to overcome the back pain.

6. Maintain Safe Distance from Your Computer:-

You should maintain a safe distance from your computer’s screen. This safeguards your eyes against the glare of a computer screen. The table to be used for keeping the computer placed on it should also have a proper length.

7. All The Essentials Kept By Your Side:-

Sometimes when you are processing some essential file working on it, you have to suffer the time crisis when you have to move from your seat to find some other required essentials like a pen, paper or some other related file or stuff. All such essentials should be kept by your side to reduce time wastage in such jobs and to make yourself utilize full on screen time.


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