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How to Sew Clothes by Hand or Sewing Machine



Many a times it happens that some part of our clothes mistakenly gets torn or there is something wrong happening with them. Sometimes a screw out of some door does that while other times it is some sharp, pin pointed thing causing this trouble with our clothes. The sure shot solution to all these problems is stitching. Some people take it as a girlish job and thus fear to do it themselves, but let me tell you that the stitching is not a huge job to accomplish. There are mainly two ways using which you can stitch your clothes.

1. Hand Stitching:-

How to Sew Clothes by Hand or Sewing Machine

How to Sew Clothes by Hand or Sewing Machine

Hand stitching is the easiest way to stitch your clothes using a stainless steel needle and a piece of thread taken out of the needle hole.

  • Break out the Thread of Appropriate Length:-  First of all take the thread of required length out of the threading reel by breaking it out of the rest of the thread.
  • Now take the thread Out Of the Needle Hole:- Now you have to take one end of that thread and pass it out of the needle hole. After you pass out this end out of the needle hole, take one end of the thread close to the other such that the middle is in the center of the thread and both the two ends of thread are close to each other.
  • Tie a Knot:- Now tie a knot across the two ends of thread taken together. Your stitching needle is ready.
  • Use Needle to Stitch the Cloth:- First of all, take out the inside portion of the cloth. This will enable you to stitch it in a way that the finishing of stitches is not seen. Now Just like a surgeon stitches wounds of a casualty, you also have to stitch the torn out parts of your clothes of your torn clothes in a same way. Simply insert the needle anywhere at a point close to the torn part of it and then take the needle out the other side. Repeat the same procedure again and again in such a way that thread in your needle covers up the torn part or joins it up with the rest portion of your cloth.


2. Machine Stitching:-

Machine stitching is nothing different from hand stitching. The difference is just that you make use of a stitching machine for this purpose.

How to Stitch Your Clothes

  • Affix a Proper Needle:- You will have to affix a needle of proper thickness first of all in the needle fixing unit. Now you will have to affix the stitching thread reel over the thread unit and you will have to take one of the ends of this stitching thread reel out of the stitching head hole and then you will have to pass it out of the hole of the needle.
  • Have a Spare Cloth:– Now try checking your apparatus. For this you will have to take a spare cloth and try using your machine to stitch it. If the machine works smoothly, you can try stitching the piece of cloth that you wish to stitch.
  • Rotate the Sewing Machine Wheel:– For the purpose of stitching, all that you have to do is to rotate the stitching wheel and move forward the piece of cloth that you wish to stitch. Keep moving the cloth ahead and the machine will keep on stitching it.


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