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How to Service Your RO Water Purifier

How to Service Your R.O


R.O stands for Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is a process with which we can purify any liquid with the help of a permeable membrane. This name is used for a water purifying unit that we use within our homes these days. An R.O does not only purify the water but also makes it sweet in taste. This is all because of the membrane positioned in it which makes all the dirt and impurities get removed from water before allowing it to be bought in use for drinking. If you have got an R.O positioned in your house, it will require servicing after some time. If you call a mechanic for this purpose, you might be charged with a service charge. If you wish to service your R.O at home yourself, you can easily do this adopting these easy steps:-

How to Service Your RO Water Purifier

How to Service Your RO Water Purifier

1. Open-Up the Cabinet:-

First of all, you will have to open up the cabinet of your R.O. This can be done easily by opening up the head, unscrewing it with a screw driver.

2. Remove the Deposits:-

Remove the old filter membrane now. Besides removing the old filter, you will also have to remove all the dirt that has got accumulated in the R.O body during this period of time. After removing this dirt taken out of your R.O, you can change the filters easily.

3. Change the Filter:-

The old filters should be replaced with new filters now. It might get time consuming and irksome sometimes to find the correct filter for yourself and thus you should know the brand of your R.O, so that you may be able to reach the perfect place for purchasing a new filter.

4. Change the Worn Out Components:-

If there is any component that has got tempered or worn out in this period of continuous usage, don’t forget to change it with a new one.

5. Assemble Back the Cabinet:-

After the components have been changed and the dirt has been removed, your R.O has been changed. You can now easily assemble it back the way you had opened it up.

6. A Reason Not To Service You R.O:-

If your R.O is under the guarantee / warranty period, you should not service it yourself as servicing the R.O yourself will void its guarantee. Simply call the service center to ask for a free servicing and you will get sorted.

7. Read User Manual for A Better Experience:-

With every R.O that you purchase, there comes a user manual. This user manual has got the description of all parts of your R.O and sideways, the ways to change any specific component and to locate it within the machine are also duly described. If you have got one such manual, you can also choose to take the help of it.

8. Avoid Hazards:-

It is always better to call a mechanic if you don’t know what kind of filters and parts your R.O is working upon. This saves you from all the hazards that a lack of knowledge can cause you.


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