How to Sell on eBay for Beginners Step by Step

How to sell on eBay


EBay Inc. is an American multinational corporation and e-commerce company that provides consumer to consumer and business to consumer sale services via internet. The headquarters of eBay is situated in San Jose, California and it serves to be a great way of making sales business online for all. The best that this online portal serves is you can do both shopping, as well as sales through it and if you wish to sell something on eBay, you may choose to go for the tips that are listed here:-

How to sell on eBay

How to Sell on eBay

1. Open Up the Website and explore it:-

Simply write eBay in any of the search engines and you would be displayed by the dedicated eBay website clicking which the eBay e-commerce portal would get opened in your browser. Simply start exploring it after it gets opened and you would get familiar with all what can be done using this e-Commerce website.

2. Visit the Seller Available Packages:-

There would be a menu on the very front page that can be bought in use for making any of the executions with options on e-Bay. Simply explore the seller packages that are available with this website first of all as you have to deal with sales this time.

3. Register yourself with the Website:-

Now when you have thoroughly explored the seller available packages within this website, you would have a rough idea about all the packages that you are eligible for and if these packages seem to be interesting, you may choose to register yourself with the website afterwards to become a member of it.

4. Set up a Payment Method with Your Account:-

You can’t receive any amount for sales without adding an account with the website and thus you are required to set up a payment method for your e-Bay account in order to make or receive payments with e-Bay. Connect your back account with the account that you have got to this website and you get sorted.

5. Set Up Your Profile Page and choose what you wish to sell:-

Now that you have got registered with an account over e-Bay that is connected with your banking account, you may choose to set-up your profile page and interact with customers that wish to purchase your stuff. Simply choose what you wish to sell or purchase made usage of this account making and receiving payments from the bank account that you had connected with it.

6. Know what you can’t sell and Consider Shipping and Storage Logistics:-

The thing that it has left now is to make smart sales and smart purchases. Simply know what you cannot sell by keeping the shipping and storage logistics in consideration and after you have made all the decisions about what you can sell by eliminating those which can’t be sold, you get eligible to make sales over e-Bay.


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