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How To Sell General Insurance

How To Sell General insurance


General Insurance is also known as property and casualty insurance. This protects insured individuals against loss of personal property and provides financial cover against injury. In order to sell general insurance what is required by the customer exactly needs to be studied carefully.

How To Sell General insurance

How To Sell General Insurance

It is very important in today’s world to know how to do effective marketing for one’s product. So for insurance also same thing applies. Many people are still now unaware of the importance of insurance in an individual’s life. So first job will be creating awareness about the positive sides of the insurance and also increasing the familiarity with the products and services.

The market can be divided into the following segments:

Suspects:  These are people who are there in the database but have not indicated their interest yet.

Prospects:  Are those who have shown interest in the products. Either they have responded to marketing they might have contacted directly.

Existing Customers: They have purchased earlier and have provided references.

A little amount of training is necessary along with education in order to get the license. Exams are there and one has to sit for the same and pass in order to apply for the license. A fee is payable for the same. An application must be filled and submitted along with the fee.

In order to create an impression on the customers following easy steps may be followed:

  • In order to create a good impression first one should pay attention to the way he/ she is dressed while meeting a prospective client.
  • The language should be more formal while conversation.
  • There must be some common ground of interest which one can find out and discuss with the prospective client.
  • If the potential client is an older person with kids and grandkids, then questions pertaining to kids can be asked. One can go ahead and try to make him/her think about their loved ones which will influence them to buy the insurance.
  • If a person is new into selling insurance then he/ she must assure the clients that the insurance client is buying is not from a fresher but from an established company which is well into the business for quite a long time and whose insurance products are trustworthy.
  • It is always better to learn from your senior experienced co workers who might be lagging behind in usage of technology, but they have a whole lot of experience in convincing the clients and selling the insurances.
  • Showing enthusiasm always creates a positive vibe on the customer.
  • A little bit knowledge about the market would help one to go with the market trend. Just one has to be sure that they have enough knowledge to not make them sound stupid.
  • One will have to listen more and speak less and will have to keep in mind the fundamentals of sales.

These are few of the basic things one can keep in mind while selling insurances.


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