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How to Ride a Scooty First Time



Scooty can be taken as a gearless means of two wheeler transport and can be categorised amongst the cheapest, affordable and trendy means of transport as well. Scooty has got much craze amongst teenagers, women’s and especially girls, in a way that it is easy to operate and is a vehicle with perfect space and smooth driving experience as well and thus here in this article we have come up with some tips for you to drive scooty in a better way by following some simple tips that can be explained as follows:-

How to Ride a Scooty First Time

How to Ride a Scooty First Time

1. Get aware:-

In order to learn how to drive a scooty, first of all I will advise you to read up the instruction manual as it can tell you almost everything related to your scooty. Gather knowledge about the fuel, mileage, fueling capacity, how to open up the seat of scooty and every other thing related to a scooty.

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2. Know about the parts:-

Talking about a scooty, it is a gearless means of transport and there is just accelerator, clutch and brakes in it. Rest is the indicators, fuel Meter, speedometer, horn, a Stepney for changing the tire in some cases and fog lamps, headlight and tale light. There is a dedicated button for each of these as well. There is enough space to keep things under your seat and this you should avoid keeping your bags etc hanging on the handle and instead you can keep such things in this space provided.


3. Starting a Scooty:-

In order to start up your scooty, you will first of all need to insert the key in it and then you just need to press the clutch and accelerate leaving your grip over clutch slowly. Your scooty will move ahead but remember to control the speed as there are no gears to do so.

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4. Filling up petrol:-

The petrol needs to be filled up the moment fuel indicator shows you a low status of fuel left. You will just need to insert the key in seat lock and uplift the seat of your scooty. You will find a place for fuel tank outlet there in this area.

5. Driving tips:-

Remember to keep your speed maintainer while driving a scooty. Avoid sharp turns and learn to make balance first before going on a road with traffic. You can even ask some of your experienced friends to teach you. Remember to for a proper servicing of it and keep it neat and clean as well.

6. Brake tips:-

There is a leg brake at the right leg if the driver and there is another brake at the right hand of him. Learn to make proper usage of these brakes while driving. You should keep your speed low while at breakers and while traveling on a running road with other passing vehicles nearby. Avoid much crowded roads in the beginning and practice more and more. Wear protective gears for added protection and maintain proper papers of your vehicle. Follow the traffic rules and enjoy riding this vehicle of yours.

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