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How to Report Child Abuse and its Definition

How to Report Child Abuse


Child abuse refers to the torture, which can either be physical or emotional that is made to a child by any individual let it be a male or a female and this kind of torture can be physical, sexual or emotional one or may even be the result of some neglect caused by any situation of life. This problem has become much prevalent with the children who live in foster homes and orphanages and often the children that are either adopted or have guardians or care takers instead of parents suffer it a lot.

How to Report Child Abuse

How to Report Child Abuse

When Can You Report Child Abuse:-

If you feel a child has been physically molested by someone, has been sexually harassed or there is emotional torture that the child has to bear, you can take no time to reach the local authorities so as to help that child. Sometimes it has been seen that either the care takers are so cruel as to pressurize the child so as to get indulged in sexual activities or the parents are that much evil so as to do these things.

It has been reported that there are some cases in which the children in orphanages and foster homes are sold overnight for the sexual purposes so as to earn money. These children are often neglected, there is no service provided and often they are threatened and pressurized so as to tell nothing about what happens with them. If there is any case of such activities around you, you can choose to immediately go and report the case to the local authorities.

Ways To Report Child Abuse:-

1. Get Friendly With The Child:-

In order to report the child abuse, you will first of all need to get friendly with the child so as to assure him that you are not an enemy and you will do no harm to him. After the child gets normal with you, you can choose to make a video of him or record the voice in some tape recorder etc. so as to get a proof with yourself.

2. Seek For The Proof:-

Only the audio or video related proof won’t work in some of the cases and instead you might need to catch the people red handed while they are involved in the abusing activities. You can choose to work on a plan along with some higher official of your knowledge or you may take the help of some NGO so as to do that.

3. Seek Local Police’s Help:-

As I told you earlier, you might need to go for taking the help of local police authorities so as to report the child abuse. Simply lodge a complaint in the nearest police station and let them do their work afterwards. Get a copy of F.I.R so as to get assured that they will react to your complaint.

4. Seek for the help from N.G.O’s :-

If police authorities seen to be not responding to your complaint, there are several N.G.O’s or Non Govt. Organizations that may help you a lot. The head of these N.G.O’s have link ups with various ministers whose one call can make the police pay heed to you and this way getting help from these N.G.O’s you will be able to help the child. Simply work out on a plan to expose the abusers and get them behind the bar this way.


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