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How to Repair Your Old CFL

How to Repair Your Old CFL


A CFL or a Compact Fluorescent Lamp can save your electricity bills if seen in comparison to an electric bulb. A CFL is designed in such a way that it emits maximum light waves while using minimum electric power. There are two types of CFL’s available in the markets. The first one is an integrated CFL and the other one is a Non Integrated CFL.

How to Repair Your Old CFL

How to Repair Your Old CFL

  • Integrated CFL:- In this type of CFL, the tube and ballast both are combined in a single unit.
  • Non Integrated CFL:- In this type of CFL, the ballast comes pre-positioned in the luminature.

Why Do I Need To Repair My CFL?

Being an electricity bill saving mode of lightning your house, these tubes cost much bucks out of your wallet when you purchase them. We usually throw these lights after they get fused or stop working down which increases the scrap. If you repair your CFL instead of throwing them, your money will be saved besides saving a CFL from getting turned into junk or scrap and thus repairing your CFL is never a bad idea.

Steps To Follow While Repairing The CFL:-

1. Try Opening the Back Plate:-

Try removing the back aluminum plate first of all. After you remove this aluminum plate, you will see a chip attached to the screw base of your tube. This chip is called electronic ballast. The spiral lamp is found attached to this unit only and this unit serves as a king of working unit for us to repair the CFL.

2. Try Changing the Capacitor:-

Generally capacitor of type C3 is used in Fluorescent lamps. If you wish to repair your old CFL, you will first of all need to check if the capacitor is functioning or if it is dead. If the capacitor is dead, change it with a new one of similar type.

3. Check if there is something wrong With the Circuit:-

Actually, we use wires to fuse ballast with the tube screw. If all the inner components are perfectly working, you can use a tester to check if the circuit is receiving power or not. If any of the wires used in this apparatus have got melted or have got detached from the apparatus, you can easily change them by fusing another wire in their place.

4. Check If Any Other Component Has Met A Breakdown:-

In every case where a CFL is not working, the main reason of a failure is that a few or one component of the ballast has either malfunctioned or either one of the resistors or any other component has got tempered or worn out. You can check all of the components attached with the ballast and then you can easily change them to ensure that the fluorescent lamp starts working again.

5. Try Checking the Fuse:-

Most of the fluorescent lamps also have a fuse affixed with them to overcome the power crisis. You can also manage to check if the fuse is properly working or not. If there is something wrong with the fuse, you can manage to change it as well.


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