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How to Repair Old Damaged Furniture (Table)

How to Repair Old Wooden Table


When we look at old wooden things around us, some of these are infested by flies which make holes in them to live. Some are infested by ants etc. Some have the iron nails coming out, some are damaged physically and some others tempered or broken in several other ways. The extent of this damage done to your table can be cured and reduced easily following some steps which can enable you to repair your furniture without making much effort for it. If you have a table that needs to be repaired, simply pick up your tools and follow the steps mentioned here:-

How to Repair Old Damaged Furniture Table

How to Repair Old Damaged Furniture Table

1. Gather the Essentials:-

In order to repair a wooden table, the first step includes a person to gather the essentials needed for this purpose. You will require pliers, a screwdriver, a hammer, paint according to need, a sandpaper, a scratching plate, etc. Keep all these things near to your working location and then begin the repair process.

2. Take Notice of the Table:-

Now you will need to physically examine the table. Note down the number of screws that need to be made tight or hammered in order to make them get inside properly. You can use iron plates in order to fix the joints with screw hammered at them. You can change the fixings and you can also change the sun mica sheet used.

3. Scratch out the Paint:-

Scratch the areas where the paint is just about to get deteriorates and remove it with the help of sand paper. Remove the sun mica sheet from the table and glue up a new sun mica sheet instead of it. You can also choose to mold the table with a granite top instead of sun mica sheet or you can paint it directly without making any such experiment.

4. Mend the Broken Portion:-

If there is any portion broken, tempered or hollow, you can fill it with wood putty or metal putty. You can also fill it with plaster of Paris if you have to paint it afterwards while fixing a granite top over it.
The Next step includes you to change its drawer hooks and handles. These are available at cheap prices at all sanitary stores.

5. Paint it back:-

You can paint the table back with paint of desired color and shade. The table fixed with sun mica sheet should not be painted as sun mica sheets can’t be positioned on a painted surface. You can hide the broken or tempered surface of table fixing a cardboard sheet over it with the help of iron nails and hammer. Paint the entire table along with the handles fixed. Your table will get as good as new like this.


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