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How to Repair Damaged Hair With Natural Products

Repair Damaged Hair


Obviously the dirt and pollution that the body experience affects the hair as well. The excess burden put on hair by the chemical rich conditioners or even the various parlor based approaches make your hair meet damage and it gets essential to keep on providing the desired treatment to your hair for this purpose and if you are experiencing the same in your case, your hair need nothing but some hair potion and nutrition which can be achieved following the tips which we are mentioning here.

How to Repair Damaged Hair With Natural Products

How to Repair Damaged Hair With Natural Products

1. Say No To Ammonia Based Products:-

According to a survey conducted worldwide, the excessive application of ammonia based chemicals products on hair and scalp was the main reason for damaged hair. Ammonia damages the hair follicles and thus people meet hair damage and thus we advise you not to use any product based on ammonia as a constituent to be applied on hair.

2. Hair Nutrition Time To Time:-

Keep providing the desired hair nutrition time to time to your hair. This includes providing the proteins and other essentials to your hair and scalp. Make usage of things like egg yolk, yoghurt etc. using them as a hair pack. Keep the mixture applied to your hair before half an hour you are to take bath and then rinse it off while bathing as simple as that.

3. Go for the Conditioning:-

My hair specialist says it is always the most important thing to go for the proper conditioning of your hair in case you need to fix the damage done to them in daily schedule. Simply shampoo your hair while bathing in a proper way and then use a conditioner applying it gently on your hair.

4. Neem Extract, the Solution to Multiple Problems:-

The neem tree, which is known for its medicinal properties can prove to do a lot in case you are suffering from hair damage. Simply pinch some of the leaves from this tree and boil them in water. This water after cooling should be used to bathe. All of your hair problems will be sorted out leaving your hair healthy in all respects.

5. Make Usage of Mehandi or Henna Instead Of Hair Dye:-

The mehandi or henna that is applied on hands to beautify them in marriages and other such functions can prove to benefit you a lot in case you have met hair damage. Simply make the henna mixture in an iron vessel and then apply this henna mixture to your hair. Keep it applied for two to three hours and then rinse it off with water. This can’t make your hair black, but will give you a brownish look. The hair dyes are rich in chemicals like ammonia and thus can prove to make damage to our hair and rather henna is a natural formulation containing no chemicals at all.

6. Oil Massage Time To Time:-

Above all, the proper hair care and nutrition comes and this step can be achieved with application of multiple hair strengthening oils like olive oil, castor oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, etc. You should massage your hair regularly with these oils so as to fix damage done to your hair.


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