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How to Remove Dresser Drawers

ways to Remove Dresser Drawers


A dresser drawer refers to a drawer of a dressing table which can be bought in use to store dresses, make-up essentials as well as other such stuff in it. There is a chest of drawers in every woman’s dressing table and often it gets jammed when we try to remove it. People purchase heavy, beautiful and costly dressing table for their houses and once something unfortunate happens with the dressing table, all their money goes wasted. In order to remove a drawer, you should follow an easy and safe approach so as to avoid any breakage with the drawer cases. Here are some tips which can be bought in use while removing a dressing table drawer:-

How to Remove Dresser Drawers

How to Remove Dresser Drawers

1. Use the Drawer Knob:-

There is a knob attached with every drawer just like it is attached to a door. The same knob is to be bought in use for opening the drawer and to eject it out from the rest of the cabinet. Just grab the drawer knob with a few of your fingers and apply the force of pull to move it outside. Once it moves outside, you can remove it off from the rest of cabinet to position anything in it.

2. Keep the Angle As Straight As Possible:-

Sometimes, you are able to eject the drawer till half its length, but then it gets struck down somewhere in between. In order to prevent suffering such a situation, you should keep the drawer removing angle as straight as possible. The more straight you keep the drawer, the less it gets stuck inside the cabinet.

3. Double Check the Drawer Lock before Applying Force:-

There is a problem with some people that they apply force uselessly on the drawer even if it is locked with a key.  They try to punch the drawer again and again to make it move outside, but the drawer do not move even a single inch and then they realize that the drawer was actually locked with key. You should thus unlock the drawer first before trying to remove it.

4. Just Roll the Drawer Fully Out:-

It is always up to you if you wish to half eject the drawer in order to place something and then position it back or if you wish to remove it completely in order to clean it first and then position your stuff/objects. Does not stuff the drawer more than needed as else it can also result in the blockage of your drawer.

5. Take One Drawer Out To Help The Other Being Taken Out:-

Often in the dressers with multiple drawer spaces one above the other, we find that when we remove a single drawer from the upside, we can easily insert our hand in the drawer below it as the space inside drawer cabinet it left hollow once we remove the drawer. You can try opening the top most drawers to look if the rest of drawers are accessible or not. Else just lift the liver/knob to eject the drawer.


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