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How to Remove Body Hair for a Long Time

How to Remove Body Hair Step by Step


Our body grows hair at many places and all of these are the signs of puberty. Often some pubic hair grow on out chest, under the arms, At the area of penis or even your legs and hands. It is not possible for us to get the hair of every place to be Removed by some barber and thus we need to look for the ways that can help us do it in a better way.

How to Remove Body Hair for a Long Time

How to Remove Body Hair for a Long Time

1. Removing up The Chest Hair:-

Chest hair are easy to be reached and you can Remove them off easily using some small scissor or a good and smooth razor blade. You can even choose to wax them if you want to avoid the pinching effect that a razor blade gives to your skin. If you are using some razor blade, you can choose to go for some good and smoothening itching ointment for that as well.

2. Removing the Hair around Penis:-

I will not advise you to use a razor blade on around your penis as first it can make your penis go injured and secondly when the hair get cut and after 2-3 days when the hair starts growing again, a sort of itching and pain is felt on penis that makes you go irritated. You can choose to have some small scissor bought in use to carefully trim off these hair or you can even choose to go for some hair removal cream as well.

3. Removing Hair Under Arms:-

Hair under arms are the most difficult to be reached with a scissor in a way that it is the case under arms and when you will be holding scissor in one hand, it would be difficult to keep one arm raised and Remove off the hair on other arm side by side. You can choose to go for a separate Removing gadget for these purposes or you may choose to go for some hair removal cream as well.

4. Removing Hair on Legs or Hands:-

Hair on legs and hands are often small and can’t be removed off with a scissor. You can choose to Remove them with a trimmer, a razor blade or even through some good hair removal cream or waxing of your hands and legs can make you bring about the desired progress.

5. Proper Equipment and Technique:-

Remember to follow proper technique and proper procedure while doing the Removing job. You should keep standing before some mirror in order to avoid removing hazards like cuts etc or even if some cut takes place mistakenly, you can choose to go for some disinfectant liquid like Dettol or some disinfectant ointment as well. You can even manage to keep a piece of alum with you to apply on cuts to stop bleeding as an immediate action.

6. Precautions to Be Followed:-

Removing your hair needs to follow some precautions as well. The way you stand, the place where you remove and the way you remove , all matters. It is always important to follow proper technique and proper precautions while trying to remove your hair.


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