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How to Reduce the Effects of Noise Pollution

Reduce the Effects of Noise Pollution


The horrendous noise resulted from the machines around us and the honking horns of vehicles. The loud party music and the noise generated by the transport like trains and aeroplanes, etc. All are the various forms of factors that result in noise pollution. It has been reported in a study that continuous exposure to loud noise can really make you lose your hearing capabilities and thus there comes a need to reduce the noise pollution. In case you need to help regarding the same, you may choose to go for the tips we are mentioning here.

How to Reduce the Effects of Noise Pollution

How to Reduce the Effects of Noise Pollution

1. Do Not Honk till it is necessary:-

The major cause for noise pollution in cities is the continuously honking horns buzzer by the traffic. I think these honking horns should be bought in control first. Either control the traffic or make the roads clear so that people may not need to blow horns or fix a limit of loudness for these horns so as to limit the noise produced by them.

2. Get the Machines Oiled properly:-

It has sometimes been seen that people keep on using the same machines for the long interval of time without even getting them serviced. This makes them generate loud noise which proves to be another cause for noise pollution. You should get the machines serviced after a certain interval of time to avoid this noise or even if you think the machine does not needs any servicing, at least some machine oil can be poured on the dedicated system so as to avoid the generation of noise out of them.

3. Go for the Silencer Equipped Vehicles:-

My next door neighbor had got a bullet motor cycle with him but there was something wrong with its silencer. It appeared as if he himself had done something with the silencer of bile such that it may generate a loud noise while he starts it what proved to spoil our lives as whenever he moved out with his bike, all of us were disturbed. One could not even hear the sound of television even at loud volume when his bike started. You are advised to go for the silencer equipped vehicles so as to avoid noise pollution generated this way.

4. Have the Airports and Railway Stations Situated Somewhat Away From Residential Areas:-

I think the airports and railway stations should be situated somewhere away from the main city area with people living in it. These means of transport are associated with much loud noise and this proves to add to the noise pollution as well. People should go for the party halls that are equipped with sound proofing and the sound stays limited to the walls only. This proves to prevent the voice from reaching the areas with people in their houses and thus they get saved against noise pollution.

5. No Loud Music in the Streets As Well As Homes, Proper Sound Proofing:-

The kulfi vendors that reach the street every now and then to make sales have got loud music systems equipped with their carriage vehicles which proves to generate a loud noise out there in the street where they go and this should not happen. You are advised to go for the sound proofing approaches, even with your home so as to get added benefits.


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