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How to Reduce Air Pollution (4 Steps)

How to Reduce Air Pollution


When pollutants like chlorofluorocarbons, methane, acid content and other carbon generated pollutants get mixed up with the air that we breathe in, the situation makes the air get polluted and the phenomenon is known as air pollution. Air pollution also gives rise to the other threatful blunders to atmosphere like acid rains, etc. that have become the cause of concern in today’s world and also result in global warming as well. The depletion of Ozone layer that acts like an atmospherically blanket to us is also a result of air pollution only and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that can help us reduce it.

How to Reduce Air Pollution (4 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Reduce Air Pollution

1. Never Burn Polythene And Tree Leaves:-

Burning of polythene bags is one of the major causes of air pollution these days and thus I will like you to stop burning polythene and instead it will be better if you use paper bags instead of polythene bags as this polythene is eaten by innocent cows which die because of eating it and thus when a single thing has got this much ill effects for us, I think it is better we quit using it. You should also quit burning tree leaves as even it adds to the air carbon pollution contents.

2. Plant More And More Trees:-

We take oxygen and emit out carbon dioxide. Plants take carbon dioxide and emit out oxygen. Not just they help us in getting oxygen, but also help to remove the other harmful and poisonous gases as well. Every year millions of trees are cut down so as to make paper for writing, but besides this rapid deforestation, nobody seems to focus on planting more and more trees and thus in order to get rid of air pollution, You are also advised to go for forestation which means planting more and more trees.

3. Put A Ban Over Burning Of Rubber Etc. For Production Of Bricks In Kilns:-

It has been found that some factories as well as kilns which deal in brick making after getting it cooked under the chimney make use of rubber tire so as to burn them and make fire in the kiln for processing of the bricks and this rubber burnt adds to the air pollutants and thus I will advise you to ban usage of rubber products etc. for burning purposes so as to get rid of pollution of air.

4. Switch to Smart Sources of Energy:-

In order to bring air pollution under control, you are advised to go for the renewable sources of energy like solar power etc. rather than the non-renewable sources of energy like coal, petroleum, etc. The need of hour is to go for regular pollution of the vehicles that you use and switch to mechanical approaches of traveling like bicycle etc. that are Eco friendly as well as environmental friendly and rather help in reducing the level of air contamination as it has been proven in a study that the smoke coming out from the vehicles after burning of fuels also contributes to the air pollution.


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