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How to Ready yourself to do Gym for around 5-6 Hours Daily

How to make yourself ready to do gym for around 5-6 hours a day


Fitness is part and parcel of everyone’s life these days. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. And more than that they want to be presentable every time. Fitting in those tight skinny jeans, having a bikini body, having perfect biceps, Abs, it is everyone’s dream in today’s era. But achieving it is not as easy as it looks. You need not sit home and be a couch potato, instead you need to spend ours in the gym and workout out of your breathe. I am telling few ways through which you can spend hours working out.

How to Ready yourself to do Gym for around 5-6 Hours Daily

How to Ready yourself to do Gym for around 5-6 Hours Daily

1. Determination and dedication:-

These words sound so simple, but they are the only factors that can trigger you to workout. The first and foremost thing you need in you is your determination and dedication to work more and more instead of getting bored of your exercise. Make a strong will power and hit the gym with a motive of breaking yourself completely. That tiring sleep after the gym will be much satisfactory. Just remember no pain no gain.

2. Tie yourself with a goal:-

Have a habit of setting up goals and achieving them up with time. Tie yourself with short term goals. Let it be, a goal of a day, half of a week or of a week. It will keep you focused and you will try more and more to achieve that goal. Otherwise, it will make you feel that you heading somewhere without knowing the destination.

3. Medication:-

Everyone is in a hurry now a days. Nobody has time for themselves. They want results so quick. If that’s so, then take help of various supplements that can help you with the issue of getting tired, will burn your fat and will increase your stamina too. You can take a fat burner (will burn your fat by making you work out more), pre workout (will boost you), bcaa (will maintain your muscle) etc etc.

4. Look for a gym buddy:-

Its very necessary to have a gym buddy. If you are not self motivated and you want to someone to boost you up whenever you are down, then look for a person who can accompany you to gym. At your every fail, he will be there to boost you up. Whenever you will be feeling low or you made an achievement or for the sake of competition you will have someone standing by your side.

5. Enjoy your workout:-

Gym is not the only way by which you can lose weight. There are various forms of cardio. The main point behind the fact is that you must not work out for the sake of workout, just enjoy your workout. If you do not find your workout session interesting and fun then you will not be able to spend hours on it. So find one in which you have interest. You can make it interesting by making proper use of music of your choice.


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