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How to Quit a Sugar Addiction Completely

How to Quit Sugar


Sugar is a sweet substance that makes you add taste to your food making it sweet and adds flavor to it. This sugar is harmful to us as it increases our risk of getting suffered from diabetes and thus there comes a need to look for approaches that help you quit it easily and thus here in this article we have come with some tips for you that will enable you quit this habit of yours in a better way.

How to Quit a Sugar Addiction Completely

How to Quit a Sugar Addiction Completely

1. Switch To Fruit Juice Rather Than Sugar:-

When you know sugar will have adverse effects on your health, you can act smart and leave this habit of yours by simply switching to a diet that includes non-sugary substances but are still sweet in taste. These are the fruits and fruit juices. These are sweet, but not sugary. You can manage to drink sugar cane juice, pomegranate juice, citrus juice and other juices as well. This will provide you various added health benefits also.

2. Jaggery Instead of Sugar:-

You can even manage to eat jaggery instead of sugar as Jaggery is made from sugarcane that is a non sugary substitute to sugar but is still sweet in taste. Jaggery is healthy and is easily to be added in your diet. You can even go for the other jaggery based products as well.

3. Sugar Free Substances:-

There are sugar free tablets as well as sugar free juices and eatable products available in markets these days. If you feel like you want to eat pudding, add sugar free tablets to it and then make it. If you want to eat ice cream, go for the sugar free ones. Sugar free substitutes are available with every medical store and are easily to be added in everybody’s diet as well.

4. Stop Adding Sugar To Eatables:-

Those who add sugar to their daily dietary requirements are much unhealthier than the ones not doing so. You should first of all stop adding sugar to your diet and that you can achieve by self control. Switch your sugar needs with sugar free products and eliminate sugar from your diet.

5. Diabetes Survival Stories:-

Diabetes survival stories can even help you a lot in order to keep yourself away from sugar. Read the stories of people suffering from diabetes and the way they suffer in their life. You can even watch out diabetes videos issued on you tube. This will encourage you put a check over your sugar consumption and you will easily be able to quit your habit of adding sugar to your eatables.

6. Switch To Honey:-

Honey can even act as the best non sugary food substitute for you. Go and purchase a box of honey. You can add honey to your chapattis, your salad, your milk and what not. Honey is sweet in taste and doest not even lead to diabetes. Honey has various other additional health benefits also and is regarded as the health packed substitute to sugar. Self control is the key to achieve many things in life. Learn to put a control on yourself and many unmanageable things will be managed by themselves in life.


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