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How To Properly Setup IKEA Furniture

IKEA has done wonders to countless homes and offices all over the globe with their overwhelmingly cheap but efficient products. Their pieces of furniture are also lightweight and easy to assemble… well, at least most times. Putting the pieces together can be difficult at times, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be set up at all. All you need are to follow the steps below so you can enjoy the full IKEA experience with less worries.

1. Do a little research. Search out for resources online. IKEA most definitely has how-to-assemble videos, message boards, and FAQs on its official site, however, in cases where the information you need can’t be found there, go ahead and jump on other sites such as, say, YouTube, where there is a barrage of DIY videos from which you can refer.

2. Space. Quite plenty of it. Make sure you have substantial floor space where you can lay out all the parts of the furniture and where you can freely move while setting it up. This can prevent you from losing anything especially those teeny-weeny screws.

3. Do an inventory. Before you start building your brand new furniture, might as well create a little checklist of all its parts. Take better care of the smaller pieces by keeping them in their respective bags and not opening them unless you already need them. Organize them in containers and put them away in spots where they can’t possibly fall or be lost.

4. Prepare all the tools. You will have an easy time gathering all the things you need as they’re indicated in the manual anyway. You’ll most likely need the usual small screwdrivers and Allen wrenches, and any professional would tell you that drills and drivers with Allen wrench bits will save you tons of time and effort.

5. Follow the instructions. That IKEA manual will be your best friend the whole time you are setting up your new furniture. Carefully read and understand the instructions and execute them the best way you can. If something seems too complicated, go look for answers online or ask anyone within reach to help you out.

6. Review. Review. Review. It doesn’t hurt to double check your work as you go along so that in case necessary changes need to be done, you can implement them right away.

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