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How to Prepare For Exam within One Month

How to Prepare For Exam within One Month


We are always more interested in Facebook and Whatsapp chatting than to study during the initial days of our studying time. Exams become a headache for us when just one month is left for their commencement and this is the time when most of us are seen with books instead of a mobile phone or laptop in our hands. If this is the case with you as well, you can adopt the steps mentioned here to prepare for your exams in a favorable way during this one month left with you:-

How to Prepare For Exam within One Month

How to Prepare For Exam within One Month

1. Prepare Notes:-

From day 1, you should start working on a schedule that includes making easy notes for each and every topic that you study. If you are good at language, you can use easy words instead of tough words to make the questions easy to learn, but only if it does not spoil the answer of your questions. You can manage to have a perfect desk reserved for reading purpose. There should be a perfect lightning arrangement at this place and this should also be noise-proof as well.

2. Proper Time Table:-

A proper time-table needs to be followed for exam preparations. Suppose you have got seven hours free with you daily for studying five subjects, you can manage to study each subject for an hour taking half hour breaks in between for stretching your back. This will refresh your mind besides giving you enough time to learn.

3. Organize Subjects According To Preference:-

If you have got the date sheet of your exams, the subjects can be organized according to the date of commencement. This will make you a preference chart about your subjects and you can manage to complete the toughest or earliest arriving exam subject first of all. The problem with some students is that they never have the perfect study material with them when they sit to study and thus they have to frequently move from their seats in order to search for that material. You can manage to keep all such stuffs on your study table priory to avoid any sort of distractions and disturbances created by yourself.

4. Proper Timing Schedule for Each Tough Topic:-

You should provide a proper timing schedule for each tough topic available with you. You can look up on the internet or help-books for alternative answers if you think that there is something wrong with one of the answers written in your notebook.

5. Cram, Write And Write Again:-

The best working strategy to learn something is to cram it first of all like anything and then trying to write it on paper. Working like this, you don’t even realize when the crammed subject matter got saved in your brain permanently as writing something always makes you remember it longer than simply cramming it.

6. A Brief Reading before the Exam Day:-

Keep preparing like this. Have a proper learning environment in your room and avoid any sort of disturbance in between. You will have enough notes ready for you to learn till the exam date. On the exam day, you will just need to take a brief reading of these answers to secure good marks as you had already learnt them in advance.


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