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How to Postpone Period a Few Days

how to postpone period a few days


Periods refers to the stage of a female’s life when she is able or mature enough to make babies. Periods are a sign that when she would go for mating with her male partner, she would be able to get pregnant. Periods are basically essential for making her body able to release an unwanted tissue out of her private area and as it is the body’s nature that everything unwanted should be eliminated, periods take place and in some of the cases, some females may seek to go for the ways that can make them have their periods postponed which can be done as follows:-

how to postpone period a few days

How to Postpone Period

1. Eat Papaya and Pomegranate:-

In order to delay periods, the best thing to step for is papaya fruit and pomegranate. Both these generate a lot of heat and control the estrogen hormone. When estrogen hormone gets controlled, the period would themselves get delayed.

2. Have Carom Seeds and Sesame Seeds:-

Same is the case with carom seeds and sesame seeds as well. These seeds are generally used for garnishing kitchen made dishes but also prove to be an awesome choice in case you wish to lower down the level of estrogen in your body as well and thus in turn prove to be effective in delaying periods.

3. Have Some Pine Apple Slices:-

Pineapple is strongly opposed to be eaten while you are in your pregnancy stage and the reason for it is that it lowers down the levels of estrogen in body. This drawback proves to be a boon in case you wish to delay periods while in your pubic age and thus you may choose to eat pine apples in order to delay your periods.

4. Have Some Turmeric Powder Added To Milk:-

Does one thing, daily take a glass of Luke warm milk added with some turmeric to it and drinks it daily this would relieve you against the periods and make them delayed as well. After drinking this turmeric milk you are advised to go for regular workouts as it also reduces the levels of estrogen hormone in the body.

5. Have Some Parsley Leaves:-

Parsley, which is basically a kitchen ingredient can also be bought in use to make your periods delayed in a way that the leaves of parsley if eaten in a regular way can prove beneficial in making the levels of estrogen reduced within the body and thus postpone your periods.

6. Have Some Gram Lentils and Exercise for A Better Delayed Period Schedule:-

Daily consume some gram lentils and then go for exercising. The more vigorously you exercised, the more the periods get postponed and thus to exercise and work out proves to be the best option in case you wish to postpone your periods.


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