How to Port a Number to Another Network

How to Port a Number


Tired of purchasing a new number every time and then spending money to tell people you have changed your number? Or you have to do it just because the schemes keep on changing and thus do your number? Well, if this is so with your case, here is awesome news for you. If your mobile number is at least 90 days old, you can switch to a new SIM card with the same number which means a new operator SIM card will be issued with your mobile number staying the same.

How to Port a Number

How to Port a Number

1. Reach the Nearest Retailer or Enquire about the Best Schemes Online:-

First of all, feel free to enquire about various offers that the network providers in your region are offering with a new SIM card. You may reach the nearest retailer for this purpose or if the offers are best of your knowledge, you may directly reach the customer care as well.

2. Getting the Portability Code:-

To switch to a new operator with the same SIM card, you will need to get a unique portability code first of all. You can get a Unique Porting Code (UPC) by sending an SMS “PORT Mobile-Number to 1900. Suppose your mobile number is 9930xxxx18, then you will need to send an SMS ‘PORT 9930xxxx18” to 1900 and then you will research an SMS containing the portability code.

3. Fill the Portability Form:-

Now, after this number has been received, you will need to fill a portability form afterwards and by filling this portability form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that the company bounds you with. Simply attach an I.D with the form and duly sign it pasting your recent photographs and submit it to the nearest retailer of the registered company or deposit it to the customer care unit itself.

4. The Validity of Portability Code:-

The code that you get after sending the SMS will hold valid for a period of fifteen days and generally it takes 7-8 days for a number to get ported to a new network and thus this period is enough for an individual, but in case the period has passed and still the port has not been made, you may have to go for the same procedure once again. In case of the regions like Assam and North East licensed areas the validity is double that is thirty days for this code to expire.

5. Choose the Best Plan Available with Your Region:-

Depending on the area where you live as well as network providers available, you may get a variety of schemes on each port that you make. A number once ported can’t be ported again to a new network provider till a period of 90 days again and hence choose the network provider carefully after confirming all the available services and schemes with it.


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